Why You Shouldn’t Say No To A Holiday -> Lazy Travel Blog

Why You Shouldn’t Say No To A Holiday -> Lazy Travel Blog

Why You Shouldn’t Say No To A Holiday -> Lazy Travel Blog

We are living in a time where we are working longer hours, working harder and working forless money, which means that if there is a chance to go on holiday and take a break somewhere with sunshine, surfing, and sand, taking it is the best option.

There is nothing worse than burning out when you are too busy with work, kids, a social life, studying – whatever it is that you have in your life that’s making you busy and tired, you need to know that you are able to step back and take a break. When you spend a lot of time with your head facing a screen, the idea of going on vacation may be something you literally live for!

Burning out and feeling low because of life being too pressured is hard to cope with. When work is overwhelming it can greatly affect your mental health and physical health and a holiday can make all the difference to that feeling.

You need balance in life, and whether you go on a beach break or you take a sports holiday to focus on fitness and feeling like you, you need to think about saying yes the next time you’re invited to go abroad. Taking a holiday offers you a ton of health benefits, and while some people fear that taking a holiday will put them in bad favor with their job, the question you have to ask is – is it worth saying no

Taking the time away from your job that you need is going to give you so much more. It’s okay to say no, to step away and do things for yourself that don’t involve you working yourself to the point of a heart attack from stress. Do you still need convincing? Well, we’ve got several reasons you should never turn down the chance to take a break and see some other scene for a while.

Improving Your Physical Health

Going to a new place is going to take the stress off your body and when you let go of that tension, you can feel the effects immediately.

Stress contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease, and with the right relaxation techniques, you can let that stress go. Both men and women feel the effects of stress in different ways and taking a holiday every couple of years can make a lot of difference to how you feel within yourself.

Improving Your Mental Health

Did you know that exposure to too much stress can change the way your brain structure sits? When you take time out of the things that make you feel the most stressed, your brain starts to heal and relax.

The feelings of calm arise and your stress levels are relieved, and when you take a holiday by the ocean, you will know what stress relief really means. You are no longer as under pressure as you were before, and that is a glorious feeling when you’re used to feeling a lot of it!

The Chance To Let Go

Unclench the jaw, roll back the shoulders and shake out your legs. All of that tension is about to leave your body – yes, even on a sports and adventure holiday.

You are going to let go of all of the scary feelings that are making you feel caught up, and you’re going to feel good about yourself. Your wellness will improve, you’ll feel more fulfilled and it can be so satisfying to let go of all of the day-to-day rubbish and get back into feeling like you again.

The clarity that you gain when you can finally let go of all the stress is going to be a life-changer for you!

Better Motivation

When you come back from your holiday, you’re going to feel so much more productive, motivated, and focused.

You’re going to feel more motivated to get stuck into the difficulties you may have dealt with in the workplace, and you’ll be able to focus better on certain tasks because you would have relaxed and cleared your head while you’ve been away.

Your cognition will be better and your ability to function will be better, too.

Your Relationships Will Improve

As you know, stress levels will have gone up while you’re working hard and you may have taken that out on your friends and family – even when you don’t mean to.

When you take regular breaks and holidays, you give yourself the time to improve your relationships with your friends and family.

You’ll be happier in your relationships and better able to decide who to spend your time on and who not to entertain anymore. The clarity you gain on holiday is often enough to say yes to that holiday the moment it happens.

Fewer Episodes Of Burnout

If you take the time you are owed to relax you are more likely to avoid burning out. You shouldn’t get to the point of collapse before you can take a holiday.

Prevention is better than falling apart and trying to fix it. Secure your own oxygen mask before you help other people, and that means addressing your mental and physical health before you worry about what that does to your job!

Your job is never as important as you are and you have to think about how a holiday is going to make a big difference to your health. If a holiday is going to happen, say yes and make sure that you are geared up and ready for the trip.

Boosting Your Happiness.

A holiday is medicine for your happiness.

The serotonin boost of trying new things, eating delicious foods, staying in a beautiful place, and having fun doing things that don’t require you to live (work, earn, and more!) is going to make your year, let alone your holiday.

Your mood is going to elevate and stay elevated and the best thing that you can do is take a holiday if the chance arises.

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