Travel to the Galapagos Islands (Podcast)

Travel to the Galapagos Islands (Podcast) - Amateur Traveler

Hear about travel to the Galapagos Islands as Chris Christensen, the Amateur Traveler himself, talks about a live-aboard cruise of the Galapagos Islands on Quasar Expeditions M/V Evolution.

The Galapagos is a singular destination. People describe other places as the ‘Galapagos of Mexico or the Galapagos of some other place’ but the Galapagos doesn’t try and compare itself to anywhere else. This is a must-see destination for people who want a vacation to see wildlife. People can tell you how the wildlife here is different because it does not fear humans but until you are standing by a giant tortoise, walking through a booby nesting ground, or swimming with sea turtles and sea lions, it is hard to understand what that really means.

This is a place where you come to see giant tortoises or iguanas, but it is also a place to see interesting bird species like Nasca boobies, blue-footed boobies, and red-footed boobies. But it is also a place to experience the islands under the water. Have you swum with turtles, penguins, and sharks… on the same day? Have you had sea lions swim circles around you?

The best way to experience the Galapagos Islands is on a live-aboard boat. I was fortunate enough to be invited by award-winning Quasar Expeditions to explore the Galapagos on their M/V Evolution as their guest (they paid). This 32 passenger boat is one of the larger boats that explores the Galapagos. 

I describe a one-week itinerary to the eastern islands in the Galapagos including stops at: San Cristóbal Island,  South Plaza Island, Santa Cruz Island, Mosquera Island, Sombrero Chino, Santiago Island, Genovesa Island, Isla Seymour Norte, Santa Fe Island, and Floreana Island.

If the Galapagos are not on your bucket list… they should be.

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Jeff Ohlfs wrote about Travel to Big Bend National Park and Southwestern Texas – Episode 753

Just listened to the Big Bend episode. I hope to get there myself next year.

Surprised there was no mention that Rio Grande is a National Wild & Scenic River, which is officially a separate unit of the National Park System.

One correction, Big Bend is not the only National Park area in the contiguous US that is an International Dark Sky park. Joshua Tree is one along with others.

Rattlesnakes are cool!

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Travel to the Galapagos Islands (Podcast) | Cruise the Galapagos Islands #travel #ecuador #gapaagos #travel #trip #vacation #wildlife #cruise

Travel to the Galapagos Islands (Podcast) | Cruise the Galapagos Islands #travel #ecuador #gapaagos #travel #trip #vacation #wildlife #cruise

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