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Destination weddings are the new trend that is becoming the new normal in the wedding industry. We aren’t complaining – who doesn’t want a jaw-dropping location to get married, that too in presence of their very dear friends and family members!

A destination wedding could be your wedding of dreams if you manage to find the right location. The United States offers terrific locations for distinct weddings. However, couples may get confused since there are many extraordinary places and you don’t know which one is the best for you.

We’ve rounded up the top five best destinations for your wedding in the US. Let’s have a look.


Top destination Wedding locations



1. The Florida Keys

Florida is all about sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and tropical appeal. If you are a beach person, the Florida Keys can offer you a perfect romantic escape. The months of April, May, and June provide the most idyllic weather here for weddings. You can have an intimate ceremony by the beach with the soothing sound of waves crawling gently to the shore. The best part is you and your guests get to enjoy the after-party with water sports such as champagne sails, diving, and snorkeling. It will be like a vacation wedding!


2. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas might look like an unusual listing since it’s all about entertainment, cuisine, and the nightlife scene. However, there are plenty of unexplored unique venues that can offer an exquisite experience for your wedding. Spring and fall are gorgeous in Vegas and allow you to experiment with different exotic wedding backdrops. You can take your vows on a white wedding gondola on the Grand Canal, choose St. Mark’s Square as a spectator of your love, or find serenity in the lush landscape of an Italian Garden. Your guests will never complain – they are in the city of fun!


3. Savannah, Georgia

Are you a history fanatic who is in love with classic architecture and historic churches? If your idea of romance involves reading your vows amongst art displays, fountains, and the rich cultural heritage of the city, choose Savannah with your eyes closed. It is a famous venue for small weddings and elopements. Fall weddings turn out to be the most dreamy here. Officiating the ceremony in the Savannah Riverboat Cruise allows you to explore the vibrant lighthouses, Civil War landmarks, and other historic sites. Getting away in a horse-drawn carriage ride after the wedding will give you a feel of a fairy tale.


4. Napa Valley, California

If you wish to get away to the outskirts away from the noise of the city, Napa Valley in California is the right place for you. The valley is all about breathtaking landscapes amidst rolling hills, lush valleys, and acres and acres of vineyards. All of this combines to offer you a perfect backdrop for your wedding. The takeaway of the place is its savory food and wine. In the breaks between or after the wedding, you can explore chic boutiques, galleries, and gourmet stores and relax with exotic spa treatments, golf, or a hot-air balloon ride.


5. Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is among the most brilliant mountain destinations in the USA. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the natural beauty, rustic charm, and lavish amenities will win your heart. While winter weddings may remind you of the winter wonderland, fall and summer are no less than an eye-widening view here. You can also enjoy some of the world’s best outdoor sports here such as hiking, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting. You can stroll through the town to have a bite in high-end restaurants.

Choose any of these unique wedding destinations according to your preferences and convenience. We hope the list has the right fit for you.

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