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Are you looking to improve your business and your life and love learning? These are the best blogger courses online to get – tried & tested!

Hi, I’m Nienke and I’m an online course addict.

Are you like me and do you believe that you should never stop learning? Then you’ll love this post! 

Over the years, I’ve invested quite a bit in digital learning material and have gone through so many study materials, that I can almost create my own online course on which online course you should take, haha! 

Jokes aside, there is A LOT of good knowledge out there and while it’s sometimes a bit of an investment, when you choose the right course or program for you, and implement the learnings in the right way, it can really propel your business forward and even create habits that can change your life. 

The flip-side is, however, that ‘online course hoarding’ is a real thing and that when you spend money left and right without knowing what you really need, you may end up with unfinished lessons and money wasted. 

That’s why I’ve created this guide to help you navigate the delicious world of online learning and point you in the right direction for success. 

Don’t wait any longer and invest in the online courses that I personally handpicked below, and I promise you that you won’t regret it! 




These Are The Best Blogger Courses Online [+ Free & Discounted Options] || The Travel Tester





Fizzle Online Video Courses

by Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves, Steph Crowder and others


I first stumbled across Fizzle through their weekly podcast ‘The Fizzle Show‘, which  has been running since 2013. 

The Fizzle Show is a free podcast for creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders who want to earn a living doing something they care about. I can highly recommend you to start listening from episode 001, so you get to know the people behind Fizzle and find out if their tone of voice, humor  (I love it!) and information is something for you.

If so, I would set aside some money to invest in their online classroom environment. Here, they not only have an interactive forum where you can ask all your questions and find support from the community, but you can also attend weekly coaching calls and find video courses on pretty much every topic around running your own business.

The dashboard also features a comprehensive 9-stage road map that will take you step-by-step through the entire process of setting up, running and growing your business.

When you follow the road map, you will be send to related courses in the Fizzle library in the right order. This way, you will know exactly in what phase your own business is and can keep on learning accordingly.

Each course has multiple chapters, has video material and features a printable workbook or worksheets with actionable steps. 

Some of their courses that I found super valuable are: defining your audience, launching a product, building your email list, affiliate marketing (run by expert Pat Flynn), reading your Google analytics and starting a blog. 

They also have courses on Podcasting, video production, feature founder stories (interviews) with successful entrepreneurs such as Chris Ducker, John Lee Dumas and Amy Porterfield, and recorded ‘Office Hours’ with some of their audience that you can learn from. 

Fizzle will keep you busy for months on end and if you really put the work in (follow the road map, do the assignments, fill in the worksheets, ask questions in the forum, hop on the coaching calls), you will see clear results – I can guarantee it!



Fizzle Online Video Courses
The Fizzle Road Map
Fizzle Online Video Courses
The Fizzle Forum




The Blogger Course 

The Blogger Course

by Monica Stott (The Travel Hack) 


While there is an extensive blogging course in Fizzle (covering the foundation and launch of your blog), and there are many more blogging courses out there, Monica’s course is one I recommend the most since it goes into long-term strategies that will help you earn a decent income from your efforts years to come.

I’ve been blogging since 2006, so I wasn’t quite sure if I would get anything out of this program, but knowing Monica personally and trusting her expertise, I took the leap and bought this 12-week course. And I’m glad I did!

The course is entirely text-based (no video, but some of the chapters, Monica included narration in audio), as it started off as a series of blog posts that came from questions from readers who also wanted to blog full time. If there is any question you have about blogging as a business, you can be sure it will be answered in this course.

With a friendly and knowledgeable voice, Monica takes you through everything that you need to know in order to develop a solid foundation, unique angle and comprensive strategy for your blog.

She helps you with tips on managing social media, networking, tracking what works all the way to landing press trips and paid campaigns. She even shares examples of pitch emails you can send and packages (mentioning fees) you can put together and sell when working with brands.

One of the best parts of this course is that you’ll also get access to a secret Facebook group where Monica hosts regular chats, answers questions and starts discussions. It’s a super supporting group of people, all very open when it comes to sharing tips, asking advice and event sharing their rates.



The Blogger Course Dashboard
The Blogger Course Content
The Blogger Course Content


:: SEO ::


SEO the Easy Way

SEO The Easy Way

by Gemma Armit and Laura Lynch (Make Traffic Happen) 


If we’re talking about courses that I wish existed when I started blogging in 2006 – this is the one.

Having a good SEO strategy for your website / blog is one of the most crucial things you want to set up right from the start and Gemma and Laura are the experts when it comes to easy to understand, yet in-depth and result-driven strategies.

There are different options at different price points and depending on what you need help with, but in general you could say that their SEO The Easy Way Course is their feature product.

It includes 35 video lectures (17+ hours!), 16 worksheets with action steps, 7 checklists to track your progress and a lot of bonus content in the form of videos, a tracking spreadsheet and a complete list of key SEO terms & frequently asked questions.

For full disclaimer, I have to say that I haven’t purchased this course myself, but instead I opted for their value eBook bundle, which includes the PDF and Kindle versions of their books “SEO the Easy Way”, “Revive Old Content” and “Speed Optimization”.

On top of that, it also lets me download a speed & plugin Tracking Spreadsheet (XLS), the SEO the Easy Way Workbook (PDF) and the Revive Old Content Tracking Spreadsheet (XLS).

These eBooks are also sold separately. Whatever option you choose, expect to get busy for a few weeks digging through the huge amount of resources, assignments and tracking sheets!



SEO The Easy Way Course
SEO The Easy Way Course
SEO The Easy Way Ebook Bundle
SEO eBook Bundle


:: MONEY ::


Budget Boot Camp

Budget Boot Camp Course

by Jordan Page (Fun Cheap or Free)


I first stumbled onto the vibrant, positive and super funny Jordan on YouTube, where she blew me away with her story about not only having a lot of kids (currently on #8, I believe) and an incredible dream house, but also being a boss in budgetting, productivity and -yes- doing laundry >>

Ever since, I kept following her and her family and when she just announced that she would be giving away her two massively popular online video courses (Budget Boot Camp and Productivity Boot Camp) FOR FREE this May – I jumped right in.

Whether you read this in May 2020 (and were able to snatch the courses for free – yay you), or if you are reading this later and considering to pay for either one, or both, of the courses – I can recommend it.

The Budget Boot Camp is for everyone trying to get their finances in order, while figuring out what’s important to them in life – and have fun with it!

In 27 fun and informative videos (16+ hours of content), with additional 15 workouts and hands-on exercises, you are sure to walk away from this course with a changed way you think about money and a physical plan of action to get your finances in order.

Paying customers also get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can meet like-minded people.

What I love most about this course is that Jordan is able to turn the dry topic of finances into and engaging topic. She shares personal stories, her unique approach to budgeting (for example – she compares it to being on a diet) and offers opportunities to turn what she’s teaching into an action that suits YOUR life right away.

For example, after lesson 6 you already know exactly where you should be going (based on your own situation, needs & dreams) and have calculated to the cent what your current financial state is (your BMI, to stay in diet terms) and how much money you have left to spend, save or give back/invest). WOW!

The course goes further into topics such as getting out of debt, getting a better mindset about money, easy budgeting techniques, being frugal the right way and even money-saving tips from her own life that could change your life.



Budget Boot Camp Dashboard
Budget Boot Camp Dashboard
Budget Boot Camp Course Chapter
Budget Boot Camp Course Chapter




Productivity Boot Camp

Productivity Boot Camp Course

by Jordan Page (Fun Cheap or Free)


Jordan’s second course is all about being more productive… well, actually it’s more about getting really clear on the life you want to get and then taking actionable steps to get there.

Or, as Jordan says in her own words: Do what you NEED to do more effectively… so you have time to do what you WANT to do more frequently.

Sounds good? It does to me!

This course exists of 28 fun and informative videos and a printable 30-page activity book that will have you implement the teachings right away. There are also a few bonus videos with special guest interviews and even more tips.

Paying customers also get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can meet like-minded people.

During the course, you walk through the process of unlocking the secrets to productivity in your own life, your own way, in just 6 weeks or less.

What I love is that right from the start, you focus on what your OWN personal pain points are, so you can keep working on them throughout the course. You will make a full break-down of how you are currently spending your time and learn how to organize it better, cut out unnecessary tasks, help you tackle necessary priorities more efficiently and effectively, helping you find MORE time in your schedule for fun, relaxation, and growth.

It doesn’t just go into being productive when it comes to your work, but also cleaning, meal planning, finding (and keeping) motivation, dealing with your kids, creating routines, tasks and to-do-lists that actually work and staying sane while doing it.



Productivity Boot Camp Dashboard
Productivity Boot Camp Dashboard
Productivity Boot Camp Planner
Productivity Boot Camp Planner
Productivity Boot Camp Chapter
Productivity Boot Camp Course Chapter




The Profit Sprout Process

The Profit Sprout Process

by Karen Sargent (Global Help Swap)


This course is for everyone that is simple feeling stuck and is ready for change. Sounds familiar?

The Profit Sprout Process is a powerful step-by-step guide that will take you from feeling paralysed, stressed and wanting to hide under your duvet to dramatically increasing your ability to come up profitable ideas for your business, even if you’re not ‘the creative type’.

Karen is a good friend of mine and with her background as a business psychologist and positive performance coach for many global brands, she is THE person to go to for advice on anything to do with the mind and finding what’s already in you to use to better your work and life for the better. I’ve attended some of her live coaching sessions and you can be sure there is always so much to take away from them!

This course will teach you 5 shifts that will turn you into a creative and original thinker, giving you a starting point for finding the right idea to work on, quickly generate ideas and avoid analysis paralysis by showing you how to pick the idea that is quick to implement, easy to manage and actually be profitable.

But that’s not enough, because you will also get access to a special Facebook Group where Karen and her community can help you further, to her ‘pivot idea bank’ (full of inspiring case-studies) and another guide that will teach you different ways you can deliver a service or product online without having to invest in new tech.

Usually, brands pay around $2500 for Karen to teach these principes, so have a look at what she’s currently selling this course for and you’ll for sure think you’re crazy if you’re not getting it right now!



The Profit Sprout Process
The Profit Sprout Process




Creative Live is one of my favourite online learning platforms – LIKE EVER.

The set-up is simple: they have online classes from expert teachers in the categories Photo & Video, Money & Life, Art & Design, Craft & Maker and Music & Audio.

On rotation, you can all watch them FOR FREE on their website. If you’ve missed the live class, or if you want to have unlimited access to the course material and additional workbooks and sheets, then you can purchase the course entirely.

When I first discovered Creative Live I spend HOURS and HOURS watching the classes for free, sometimes staying up late at night, since the courses are shot in their studio in the US, sometimes with an audience.

When the course is live for the first time, you have the opportunity to leave messages and ask questions, which is super fun to do. I even got one of my own questions answered live on one of the shows!

Now, I could recommend literally every single course on their website, but I’ve tried to narrow it down to some of my all-time favourites.

As you will see, I love to binge-watch courses from teachers that I really like. You might find other people on their platform to resonate more with you, so have a browse around for sure!










These Are The Best Blogger Courses Online [+ Free & Discounted Options] || The Travel Tester


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