The Golden Triangle of Sunnmore

A friend asked me how the best way to see the most of Sunnmore (Sunnmøre) when visiting for a weekend getaway is? My recommendation is to do the Golden Triangle of Sunnmore, which includes The Rauma Railway to Åndalsnes, The Ridge of Romsdalseggen, The Troll Ladder, The Geirangerfjord that is UNESCO World Heritage List and finish it off in Norway’s most beautiful Art Nouveau city named Aalesund (Ålesund) in Norway.

The Travel Itinerary: The Golden Triangle of Sunnmore

Day 1 The Golden Triangle of Sunnmore

From Oslo to Åndalsnes by train

The Rauma Railway is Europe’s most beautiful railway journey by Lonely Planet. And Romsdalseggen ridge is one of the world’s most scenic hikes. What more do you need?

The journey starts in Oslo by entering the train to Dombås. And then you will change train further on to the Rauma Railway. Which is named Europe’s most beautiful railway journey by Lonely Planet. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the most bedazzling landscapes of Norway. Then enter the town of Åndalsnes the starting point for the famous hike of Romsdalseggen.

Travel Information

Train Journey
Oslo 08:02 – 13:23 Dombås (5h 21 min)

Hike the Romsdalseggen Ridge (7-8h)

Accomdation in Åndalsnes

If you want to splurge in Åndalsnes, stay at Grand Hotel and Hotel Geist. If you want more budget, stay at Nora Gard or even spend the night at Troll Ladder Camping.

After lunch, hike the Romsdalseggen ridge. And to shorten the trip on the way back, maybe have dinner with an extraordinary view at the new restaurant located on the city mountain, save your knees, and take the gondola down to Åndalsnes city center. If you are short on time, take the gondola bought-way and enjoy the scenery without physical endurance.

Romsdalen Gondola – Opens May 2021.

A 360-degree view of the impressive Romsdalshorn, Vengetindene, Åndalsnes town center, lush valleys, and the emerald green Rauma river awaits you at the top.

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Day 2 The Golden Triangle of Sunnmore
From Åndalsnes to Geirange by Bus

The Golden Triangle of Sunnmore
From Åndalsnes to Geirange by Bus

Åndalsnes – Trollstigen – Valldal – Geiranger: During this trip, you will experience two of the most breathtaking roads in Northern Europe.

After a good night’s sleep at Åndalsnes. You will be waking up early to be at the train & bus station of Åndalsnes at 08:20, catching the bus for the more scenic landscape of Norway. From Åndalsens, you will start and then curve up the hairpin turns of the famous Troll Ladder. The bus will stop for 25 minutes at the plateau of the Troll Ladder to enjoy the spectacular view of the stunning nature.

After the stop, you will be driving further on to Valldal and then the bus continues towards UNESCO World Heritage-listed Geiranger.

Travel Information

From Åndalsnes 08:20 – 11:20 Geiranger
Get the bus ticket: Bus 220

Accomdation in Geiranger

The most iconic place to stay in Geiranger is Hotel Union. If you cant stay at the hotel, maybe go for breakfast or lunch? Another famous hotel is The View Hotel.

If you are on a budget check out Fjorden Camping Cabins or homestay at Lunheim in Geiranger.

Arriving in Geiranger at the perfect time for lunch. Try to explore some local food. At a minimum, try to taste the local chocolate. They also have a cool microbrewery with tasty beer for the thirsty one.

Adventure to the closest viewpoints Eagle bend or Flydalsjuvet, or why not visit the spectacular views of the Dalsnibba skywalk?

Option: Short on Time

If you are short on time you will leave Geiranger either by Fjordcruise Geiranger at 14:30 – 17:30 Ålesund for 715 NOK. Or by Hurtigruten at 14:45-17:30 Ålesund for 649 per person.

Option: One Night in Geiranger

If you have more time, enjoy the wounder of the most beautiful fjord in Norway and stay the night, if you splurge or camp doesn’t matter. Try to do some activities either a tour to Mt Dalsnibba in Geiranger by e-bike or electrical car. Or some hikes in the area.

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The Road to Dalsnibba Skywalk
The Golden Triangle of Sunnmore with Dalsnibba skywalk
Dalsnibba skywalk

Day 3 The Golden Triangle of Sunnmore
From Geiranger to Ålesund by boat

Ålesund the Most Beautiful Town in Norway
Ålesund the Most Beautiful Town in Norway

The Golden Triangle of Sunnmore

The Golden Triangle of Sunnmore is a great start to get cradle in Norwegian nature and scenic landscape. Including the famous Rauma Railway, an epic hike of the Romsdalseggen ridge, The Troll Ladder with stunning scenery. Geiranger UNESCO fjord is a must when visiting Norway and of course Ålesund, the most beautiful city in Norway, you want to have with you before flying out of Sunnmøre. Vigra Airport has maybe one of the best flights over the alps of Sunnmøre. If you are flying on a clear day, make sure to get a window seat and be above all the alps of Sunnmøre when flying to your next destination. Thank you for visiting Sunnmøre, the region I have dearest to my heart.

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