The Best Northern Lights Hotels in Norway

Someone recently asked me for my top tip for planning a trip to Norway, and without hesitation I told them to find great accommodation and go from there.

There are so many unique accommodation options in Norway, and staying in the right place can totally make your trip. I mean, this isn’t a country of big fancy cities where you’ll want to stay in some luxury hotel chain. Norway’s strength is its natural beauty and rich culture, and one of the easiest ways to ensure you experience both is to carefully choose a wonderful place to stay.

And I think this is especially true for a northern lights trip. Of course if you just want to see the northern lights you could easily book a hotel in Tromsø and take a northern lights tour out of the city to chase the lights. And I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time.

But imagine instead watching the northern lights from the warmth of your own private glass igloo?

Or forget warmth, you could spend the night in a real igloo made of snow and ice!

Or maybe you’d prefer an authentic Norwegian cabin experience?

Here are some of my top recommendations for unique northern lights hotels in Norway:


the best northern lights hotels in norway

I’ve also shared more northern lights tips here, as well as how to photograph (and film) northern lights here, and the best places to see the northern lights here. And if you want more help check out my northern lights ebook which covers everything you’ll need to know for your northern lights trip. 

Lyngen North

lyngen north glass igloo northern norway

If you want a quiet escape with stunning natural surroundings, my top recommendation would be the glass igloos at Lyngen North.

Lyngen North is about a 3 hour drive from Tromsø, so you’ll really get away from the city and all the tourist crowds that gather there during northern lights season. This is a really small property with just a few glass igloos and a couple of cabins, so it is a much more unique experience than staying at a big resort with hundreds of igloos. And I love the drive here from Tromsø – it’s a great way to see more of the Norwegian countryside. If you don’t drive they also can arrange transport from the airport. 

They also arrange winter activities including snowshoe trips, husky sledding, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Check current rates and availability here | Read about my stay at Lyngen North here

Arctic Dome in Kokelv

arctic dome kokelv finnmark norway

The Arctic Dome in Kokelv might just be my top recommendation for your northern lights trip to Norway. The dome is perfect for northern lights viewing – I actually had a lot of trouble going to sleep here because the lights kept appearing above my bed. The dome sits at the top of a hill so you’ll get a full, unobstructed view of the sky, and a stay here also comes with a Sami style turf house with a fully equipped kitchen, shower, and sauna.

Kokelv is about a two hour drive from Alta so you’ll definitely need a car for this one, but I promise it’s well worth it. Plus the drive is beautiful.

Check current rates and availability here | Read about my stay in Kokelv here

Arctic Dome in Alta

alta arctic dome northern lights

If you want to stay in an igloo without renting a car, the Arctic Dome at Glød Explorer is perfect because you can fly into Alta and they’ll pick you up at the airport. This is also probably the most luxurious Arctic Dome I’ve stayed in. There’s an attached bathroom so you don’t need to go outside to use the toilet, and they will wake you up with a coffee delivery and even come inside to make a fire in the wood burning oven for you each morning.

Check current rates and availability here | Read about my stay at Glød Explorer here

Holmen Husky in Alta

Holmen Husky Lodge lavvu accommodation in alta norway

Alta is one of the best places in Norway to chase the northern lights, and at Holmen Husky you can stay with huskies!

You can visit with the huskies or go husky sledding here, and the mini lavvu accommodation is super cosy. They even come with their own little wood burning stove! This also happens to be one of the most budget friendly options on this list.

Check current rates and availability here | Read about my stay at Holmen Husky here

Ice Hotel in Alta

If you really want a once in a lifetime experience, what about staying in an igloo hotel made of snow and ice?

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is constructed entirely of snow and ice (rebuilt at the start of each winter season) and features beautiful ice sculptures. And don’t worry, they provide super warm sleeping bags and reindeer skins to keep you warm inside the igloo at night.

Check current rates and availability here

SnowHotel Kirkenes

snowhotel kirkenes norway

devold of norway sweater snowhotel kirkenes

Kirkenes also has an igloo hotel made of snow and ice that you can overnight in. Plus they also offer cosy little cabins with huge windows facing north, so you have the option to visit the ice hotel during the day but sleep in a warm cabin instead.

Plus they have a team of huskies and reindeer on site, and they organize king crab fishing excursions, husky sledding, and northern lights chasing tours. I stayed here on a solo trip and seriously had the best time – there’s so much to do and the staff are incredibly friendly, so I never felt weird about being there on my own. 

Check current rates and availability here | Read about my stay at the SnowHotel here

Tromsø Ice Domes

You can also overnight in an ice hotel at the Tromsø Ice Domes, which actually lie way out of the city south of Tromsø. They organize a full tour including winter activities and northern lights tours for the ultimate northern lights experience.

Check current rates and availability here 

Norwegian Wild on Senja

norwegian wild lighthouse senja, norway

norwegian wild lighthouse senja accommodation, norway

The island of Senja is about a two and a half hour drive from Tromsø and it makes for the perfect escape into nature. The landscape here is incredible, and it’s an ideal place to chase the  northern lights. In fact I’d say Senja is one of the easiest places to chase the northern lights independently if you don’t want to join a tour.

I recommend staying at Norwegian Wild, which offers a nice range of accommodation options from basic wooden cabins to their magnificent lighthouse and their Arctic Dome. Plus the owner Hege is one of the nicest people I’ve met. 

Check current rates and availability here | Read about my stay at Norwegian Wild here

Aurora Borealis Observatory on Senja

northern lights in senja, norway

Another popular accommodation option in Senja is the Aurora Borealis Observatory, which is not only a great luxury stay, but also the ideal place to watch for the northern lights. I feel like I’m always seeing incredible aurora photos on Facebook and Instagram that were taken here. 

Check current rates and availability here

Dyrøy Holiday on Dyrøy

best time to see the northern lights in norway

dyroy holiday norway accommodation log cabin

If you want to meet the kindest people in Norway, go to Dyrøy Holiday. Seriously, the owners are so nice and helpful, and they also organize a tour with the sweetest farmer’s wife. Just thinking about it makes me miss them all!

Not only do they have an outdoor hot tub on site where you can sit under the northern lights, but they also organize lots of winter activities during the day so that you can make the most of your stay in Northern Norway. Plus the island is surrounded by beautiful mountains. If you want a quiet escape into Norway’s most beautiful nature, this is where you should stay.

They also offer a cheaper apartment at the same location on Airbnb here.

Check current rates and availability here | Read about my stay on Dyrøy here

Arctic Dome in Narvik

arctic dome igloo norway narvik

The Arctic Dome in Narvik stands alone on the side of the mountain above Narvik, so you’ll have your northern lights views all to yourself.

Plus, if you rent a car for your stay here you can drive across the border to Abisko, which is famous for having the most clear skies for optimal northern lights viewing (you can also take the train from Narvik to Abisko or Kiruna).

Check current rates and availability here | Read about my stay at the Arctic Dome here

Svinøya Rorbuer in Lofoten

Svinøya Rorbuer Svolvaer lofoten accommodation

Svinøya Rorbuer Svolvaer lofoten accommodation

While you’ll have the highest chances of seeing the northern lights in the far north of Norway, if you want to see them against the most stunning landscape in Norway, head to Lofoten.

Whenever people ask me where to go in Norway if they only visit one place, I recommend Lofoten. It’s simply the most beautiful place in the entire country.

My favorite place to stay here is the traditional fisherman cabins at Svinøya Rorbuer. They also organize northern lights tours, so you can optimize your chances of catching the aurora.

Check current rates and availability here | Read about my stay at Svinøya Rorbuer here

Lofoten Links Lodges in Lofoten

northern lights lofoten links lodges norway

lofoten links lodges hov gård

If you want a more luxurious escape where you can watch the northern lights from the comfort of your home, head to the Lofoten Links Lodges on the island of Gimsøy. I stayed here alone, but the cabins are really big so I think it would be fun to come here with your family or a group of friends.

Gimsøy is the best place in Lofoten to watch for the northern lights as there is a clear view north and very dark skies, and the lodges have huge floor to ceiling windows facing north for optimal aurora viewing. Plus they organize horseback riding along the beach!

Check current rates and availability here | Read about my stay at Lofoten Links Lodges here

Nusfjord Arctic Resort in Lofoten

Lofoten has so many incredible places to stay, but the very top of the list has to be Nusfjord Arctic Resort.

Nusfjord is one of the cutest villages in the Lofoten Islands (read about my visit to Nusfjord here). The Nusfjord Arctic Resort has beautifully designed cabins right on the water, and an outdoor spa built with a wooden bath, sauna and natural outdoor shower. I actually was about to book a night here in December but decided to wait to visit until the spa opens up again after the pandemic. Check current rates and availability here

Steigen Lodge Sjøhytter

I haven’t stayed here, but I came across Steigen Lodge while planning a trip last year and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. These cabins are right on the water with stunning mountain views, which you can enjoy through their enormous floor to ceiling windows.

In fact I think I’ve actually just convinced myself to book a stay here this winter – anyone want to join me?

Check current rates and availability here


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