Solo Travel Tips-How to Pick a Spa

Solo Travel Tips-How to Pick a Spa:

In the past, I opted for seeing a new country and having an active adventure abroad between Christmas and New Year’s. One year, I went to Brazil to journey upriver on the Amazon. The next year I found myself on a Mekong Delta cruise in time to toast the New Year in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

More recently, after a really busy year, I decided I was ready for a change, a different kind of trip. So a 5-star spa fit the bill. What was the chief difference from the usual jaunt abroad? Staying at a spa for a wellness break is more about being than doing, racing from place to place. For me, it meant shifting gears from the daily grind of working harder and smarter while checking emails and texts all day long. Even if there is Wi-Fi available, I recommend setting a few times a day for emails and texts, and then it’s time to disengage. If that thought is too challenging, you know you really are ready for a wellness break!

I have discovered that choosing the right spa can be tricky. Unlike an active sightseeing trip or an active sports tour, spa and wellness vacations focus most of each day on a specific property. Even with warm weather months and outdoor facilities, the wrong choice can ruin the whole trip.

Solo Travel Tips-How to Pick a Spa:

Before you book your own trip though, answer these questions.

No 1:

Do you have a goal in mind for your stay, such as weight loss and/or receiving a new nutritional plan?

No 2:

Are you seeking an active program, i.e., working with a trainer, having scheduled workouts or yoga sessions?

No 3:

Are you looking for a destination with active night life?

No 4:

Is your plan to combine your spa stay with local sightseeing?

One year I picked a pre-holiday spa at lovely Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. I had planned a relaxing resort holiday alternating spa days with sightseeing in nearby medieval villages. When I arrived, I was surprised to find that there was no public transportation that could take me to certain historic towns.  While it was a lovely town and 5-star spa, half my trip (sightseeing) did not happen. So when you are picking a resort, consider what access you will have to activity beyond the spa. Then when you plan how long you will be away, try to get a flexible “Plan B” if you find you will not be able to sightsee and explore the nearby area.

No 5:

Are you looking to splurge at a 5-star luxury spa? Or alternatively do you want to have an economy package where you can choose a la carte and only pay for what you use?

Spas-Ways to Save:

Find bargains  in Eastern Europe and SE Asia.

Fortunately, in the travel industry, it is almost always possible to find a common language. However, sometimes, something can be lost in translation. In a top European spa, I was surprised when they told me there was no Jacuzzi at such a large facility.  As I was about to check out, I looked over and saw a “whirlpool”. Apparently, there was a slight problem in communication!

Go off-season.

Go nearby.

Drive, or take the train, and save the airfare.

Take a shorter trip or long weekend.

No 6:

Do you have any physical restrictions or mobility issues?

No 7:

Are you looking for a women-only retreat?

No 8:

If you are the only solo traveler, will you feel uncomfortable?

Some select examples:

Great Prices-SE Asia:

Vietnam:               4-Star SE Asia Spa

  • Private beach
  • Large, air-conditioned guest rooms.
  • Select rooms with a private pool and kitchen facilities
  • Water sports and other activities available
  • International and Vietnamese dishes are served with optional cooking lessons.

Great Prices-Eastern Europe:

Romania:              5-Star Spa with Bargain Rates

  • Snagov Club, a luxury spa at an affordable price
  • 22 room boutique hotel, just 18.6 miles from the capital, Bucharest
  • Set on tranquil Snagov Lake away from the urban hustle and bustle
  • Chic British-style furniture.
  • Fine dining on-site at the Snagov Club.
  • Local Romanian cuisine and international selections
  • Indoor heated pool, sauna and steam bath
  • Warm  weather boating on the lake

Bulgaria:              Eastern European Spa-Sofia

  • 4-star hotel
  • Nestled at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, outside Sofia
  • Large spa with two swimming pools
  • Elegant guest rooms with a private bathroom, balcony, cable TV and air-conditioning
  • Spa with indoor pool and hot tub.
  • Beauty treatments and massages available
  • On-site fitness center
  • Outdoor swimming pool

Great Prices-Africa:

Check out our bargain option in exotic Zanzibar in the Dhow Palace .

Western European Option:

Germany:             Bavaria for Combined Golf and Spa

  • 4-star hotel
  • Roman-style hotel set beside a golf course
  • Just outside spa-town of Bad Gögging, one hour from Munich
  • Two restaurants, a café-bar, sun terrace and a Roman spa
  • Room with flat-screen TV, a private bathroom with bathrobe, slippers and a hairdryer
  • Spa has both Finnish and organic spas, outdoor pool, steam bath
  • Wide range of spa treatments

If you are looking for other locations, see the following:

  1. Argentina:            Combination Spa and Ski Vacation
  2. Morocco:              5-Star Golf and Spa
  3. Portugal:              Luxury 5-Star Golf and Spa in a Palace Hotel
  4. Czech Republic:  Elegant Castle Hotel Spa at Solo Rates
  5. Finland:                A True Nordic Spa
  6. Czech Republic:  Classic Film’s Grandhotel Pupp Spa
  7. Czech Republic:  5-Star Chateau Heralec
  8. Cambodia:            5-Star Bargain in SE Asia


For more options, go to our solo search engine, the SoloTravelPricingTracker.  There are over 1,000 listings with no single supplement, solo-priced rooms and other top solo travel values.

You will find our user-friendly tool is divided into: 1. tours/cruises and 2. hotels.

1, Click “Hotels”.

2. Go to “Location”.

3. Find “Type”

4. Select “Spa-Hotels”.

If you do not see what you would like, click our castle photo at the top of our Hotels page. Alternatively, you can go back to our Home Page for our search box. We can offer the same great discounts and 1,000,000+ properties on the website.

If you prefer to join a wellness/yoga tour rather than go independently to a resort, go to our SoloTravelPricingTracker search tool again:

  1. Click “Location”.
  2. Go to “Specialty Tours”.
  3. Select “Spa-Yoga” and
  4. Find “Pricing Types”.

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