Solo Nomadic Lifestyle: Is it Right for You?

Solo Nomadic Lifestyle: Is it Right for You?

Solo Nomadic Lifestyle: Is it Right for You?

Solo Nomadic Lifestyle: Why Choose A Nomadic Lifestyle?

a Guest Post by Aussy Aportadera


Solo Nomadic Lifestyle: The nomadic lifestyle is an exciting and freeing way of life that opens up incredible opportunities for adventure and growth. While not for everyone, those who are drawn to the lifestyle can live productive and fulfilling lives while doing it on their own terms.

Solo Digital Nomads: Is It Right for You?

What is the Nomadic Lifestyle? Why is it for Solos?

For a lot of people, the norm is to settle their roots in one location, maybe moving from one home to another should their rent contract end or a new job opportunity comes up elsewhere. The nomadic lifestyle takes it one step further by breaking free of the more permanent structures, like a house and a traditional job, that keep people rooted in one place.


Being a nomad, a digital nomad in this day and age to be specific, allows people to live anywhere at any given time. For a lot of digital nomads, their entire life, including their office, fits perfectly in their luggage making them incredibly flexible and mobile.


Often, people think digital nomads need to be rich to even begin living the way that they do because it’s difficult to make money when you’re not showing up to a regular 9 to 5 job. Most people would think that the lack of traditional structure and consistency makes it difficult to stay productive and build a successful career. These common misconceptions people have of anyone living the nomadic lifestyle couldn’t be farther from the truth.


It can be a big change from the traditional lifestyles many of us grew up in but if it is the right fit for you, shifting to the nomadic lifestyle could be the best decision you will ever make.

Why the Nomadic Lifestyle is Right For You as a Solo


Perhaps the most evident appeal the nomadic lifestyle has is the freedom it offers. You get to have the freedom to live anywhere you want, whenever you want. For some people, this could mean they get to travel cross country and for some it means they can travel anywhere in the world, all while not having to worry that they’re using up their paid vacation leaves in their company.


A few digital nomads are also free from certain financial responsibilities like home mortgages and car loans because they don’t own a static home or have any use for a car, unless you’re a cross-country traveling nomad with your own van, of course.


With the freedom, the nomadic lifestyle entails also comes the flexibility to find work that best suits you. Some people are freelancers while others work as online language teachers, software engineers, and any other job that offers remote work that has a flexible schedule. A lot of remote companies still keep remote meetings post-pandemic


Some digital nomads even take it one step further and become entrepreneurs, setting up their own businesses so they can become their own bosses and set up their own schedules. And because there is much more flexibility, you get to have more control over your time and how you spend it.

Getting the full travel experience

When traveling as a digital nomad, you get to fully immerse yourself as a traveler and not just as a tourist. You get to be more mindful of the places you go, taking your time. You don’t have to rush and cram all the destinations you want to see because you’re not tied to an itinerary and a limited number of vacation days.

It challenges your resilience and your ingenuity

Being a digital nomad is not always as easy as it may seem on social media. Sometimes you’re faced with uncertainty, financial woes, your health may be challenged, or you could even experience homesickness, as Katie from The World On My Necklace shared. Choosing the digital nomad lifestyle has its downsides and maybe it makes you realize that the lifestyle isn’t for you but if you do stick it out, it becomes a test of your resilience.


These challenges oftentimes require your ability to be creative and resourceful. You might surprise yourself with how clever you can get when challenges come your way.

Having a lot of opportunities to grow

You learn so much as you travel. You get to meet all sorts of new people from all walks of life. You can learn new languages, taste new cuisine, and experience different cultures. You can take cooking lessons and dance classes and a whole new world of opportunities just opens up for you.


When traveling as a digital nomad and working remotely, you also get to grow as a professional in your field. You learn more about your work ethic and you get to develop it. Working with a diverse team also helps you better interact with different types of people.


With so many facets of yourself being challenged and developed as a digital nomad, you get to learn more about yourself and build your character.


Choosing a Nomadic Lifestyle

Adopting a nomadic lifestyle does have an adjustment period just like any big change in your life. And just like how being a digital nomad forgoes traditional concepts of permanence, living the digital nomad life does not need to be permanent either.


Lifestyles can change to suit whatever stage you are in life and there is no one-size-fits-all. You can be a full-time or part-time digital nomad. While some see themselves as a digital nomad forever, others believe it’s just for now and both approaches to the nomadic lifestyle are valid. What’s more important is that you are able to enjoy and live your life the way you want to and grow from the experience.

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