MUST-READ: Where to Stay in Buenos Aires

Welcome to the most colorful city in Argentina, Buenos Aires! With Argentine wines and steaks, tango shows, art galleries, street arts, nightlife… This cosmopolitan city has a lot to offer for all kinds of travelers and I can’t wait to discover Buenos Aires with you!

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and a massive city that has more than 40 neighborhoods. All the neighborhoods have a different feel and appeal to different tastes from luxury travelers to backpackers or families. Since it is a very big city there are also some unsafe neighborhoods to be avoided, I am here to help you to find the best neighborhoods and hotels for your type. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! 

In this post on where to stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I will talk about the 7 best areas to stay in and give you an idea of the vibes of the areas as well as list the best hotels in each area for all budgets. I went through all the hotels in the city and picked the best ones for you so you will be able to find your ideal place without a hassle. 

Since Buenos Aires is a very popular travel destination, I have to remind you that the hotels can be filled up quickly. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to make a booking in advance. By making an early reservation, you will also be able to get better deals and many of the hotels have a free cancelation, so don’t worry if you change your mind!

If you are ready to get lost in Buenos Aires streets, let’s get started!

If you are in a hurry

Here are the best places to stay in Buenos Aires, with hotels from luxury to budget. They all have great reviews and great locations! 


Buenos Aires From Above

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

budget hotel

Up Recoleta Hotel

Best affordable accommodation in the center

Here is a map about where to stay in Buenos Aires with all the best 7 neighborhoods I will be talking about in this travel guide so you can easily visualize them.

1. Palermo – where to stay in Buenos Aires for the first time

Buenos Aires Palermo is the heart of the city where you will find the best restaurants, lively bars, trendy cafes, and most importantly, the most fun! That’s why if you are visiting Buenos Aires for the first time I definitely recommend you to stay in Palermo. 

Palermo is divided into 2 main areas which are Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood also called Palermo Viejo. Let’s start with Palermo Soho. In Palermo Soho, the places you shouldn’t miss are the amazing green park Parque Tres de Febrero, the countless art galleries, and the museums like MALBA and Museo Evita. Make sure to visit all of them in the daytime because at night you will be discovering the amazing nightlife of Palermo Soho.

When you move to Palermo Hollywood you will encounter an incredible artsy area where you will see colorful street art, cool bars and restaurants, and trendy boutiques. If you stay in Palermo Hollywood you won’t be staying in the downtown of the city but you will have a chance to understand the soul of Buenos Aires. Trust me Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood will be your favorite neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

Since this neighborhood contains a lot of the main attractions, here are 12 Things to do in Buenos Aires. Now, let’s check out the best places to stay in the Palermo neighborhood. You shouldn’t want to miss these hotels so make sure to make your booking in advance!

Luxury hotel

Located in Palermo Soho this luxury hotel is a perfect place to stay to explore the city. The boutique hotel offers a nice rooftop pool, an excellent spa, spacious rooms with bohemian style, and a fabulous breakfast. All the main attractions, great restaurants, bars, and shops are within walking distance.

Other accommodation options in Palermo


This boutique hotel has a central location in Palermo Soho and offers romantic rooms and a swimming pool


Centrally located in Palermo Soho this hotel features modern rooms with city views and easy access to public transport


This Airbnb has spacious modern rooms with great facilities and it is within walking distance to markets and main attractions

Since this is the most popular area to stay in Buenos Aires and the hotels I gave you above are the best of the best, they may book out quickly. For those of you like me who aren’t quite so organized, here are some other great options in the Palermo neighborhood.

Luxury – Krista Boutique Hotel 
Mid Priced – Palo Santo Hotel 
Budget – Sissi Haz Hotel
Airbnb – Kala Rooms

Things to do in Palermo

2. Recoleta – an upscale neighborhood for luxury

Buenos Aires Recoleta is located 3 km (1 mile) southeast of Palermo and the most upscale neighborhood of the city. Once you step into Recoleta streets you will immediately feel how glamorous this area is, that’s why my pick for where to stay in Buenos Aires for luxury travelers is Recoleta. 

In Recoleta, the main long boulevard is Santa Fe that goes all along to Palermo Hollywood and where you will find tons of shops and restaurants. Start your day from here, strolling along the streets with luxurious buildings and admire the great architecture, check out chic shops, and discover the excellent selection of restaurants. 

The main landmarks in Recoleta that you shouldn’t miss are the giant flower sculpture – Floralis Genérica, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, the tomb of Eva Perón in Recoleta cemetery, and El Ateneo Grand Splendid which used to be a theatre and now a big bookstore. You see how colorful this neighborhood is!

I am sure luxury travelers will enjoy their time in Recoleta by experiencing a posh lifestyle and discovering the cultıure of Buenos Aires at the same time. Relocate is a very trendy neighborhood and I don’t want you to miss these beautiful hotels so make sure to make your booking in advance! 

Speaking of luxury travel experiences, if you are looking for more exciting places to visit in South America you might wanna read about the best wine tours in Chile. You won’t regret it!

Luxury hotel

Centrally located in Recoleta, Four Season Hotel is one of the best hotels in Buenos Aires. This luxury hotel offers a beautiful rooftop pool, a great spa, rooms with a modern style, and a nice bar where you can have some good Argentian wines. Plus, the upscale shops and restaurants are just a short walk from the hotel. 

Other accommodation options in Recoleta


Blank Hotel Recoleta has a perfect location to get around the city and features a nice indoor pool, modern rooms, a fitness center, and a spa


Centrally located in Recoleta, this hotel offers rooms with a spacious terrace and easy access to the main city attractions


An Airbnb located in Recoleta which has rooms with beautiful style and is within walking distance to cultural sites and great restaurants

Things to do in Recoleta

3. San Telmo – where to stay in Buenos Aires on a budget

San Telmo is located in the southern part of the city and 9 km (6 miles) from Palermo. It is the old part of the city where you will see cobbled stone streets, historic buildings, antique shops, and budget accommodation options. San Telmo also has easy access to the main attractions of Buenos Aires with Metro line C.

If you like neighborhoods with a bohemian feel you will enjoy wandering around San Telmo streets. Here you can catch tango shows, eat mouthwatering Argentine steaks and check out the vintage shops at Plaza Dorrego. 

I’ve always liked neighborhoods with a local atmosphere which makes you feel like you are traveling like a local and not so much as a tourist, so, if you are a person like me and don’t want to spend a lot of money on accommodation San Telmo is my answer for where to stay in Buenos Aires on a budget. 

Luxury hotel

This is my favorite luxury hotel in the San Telmo neighborhood. This beautiful hotel offers an amazing outdoor pool with a city view, modern-style rooms, a fully-equipped fitness center, and a very good breakfast. You can have a cocktail in their nice bar and watch the beautiful Buenos Aires view. Cultural sites, museums, and good restaurants are within walking distance too!

Other accommodation options in San Telmo


Centrally located in San Telmo, this boutique hotel in a historic building offers stylish rooms and a very good breakfast


Set in a beautiful historic building, Patios de San Telmo has an outdoor pool, rooms with a balcony, and a bar


Centrally located in San Telmo, this Airbnb features rooms with an amazing interior design and a swimming pool

Things to do in San Telmo

  • See the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
  • Visit the Nuestra Señora de Belén Church in the heart of San Telmo
  • Go for a walk at the nearby Madero Puerto 
  • Have a picnic at the beautiful Parque Lezama
  • See artworks at MACBA – Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Check out some beautiful shops and restaurants at Defensa Street
  • Watch a tango show in one of the many places in San Telmo
  • Check out nice artworks at El Solar de French
  • Have a drink at the famous Bar Plaza Dorrego San Telmo and dine at La Brigada
  • Check out antique shops and San Telmo Sunday flea market at Plaza Dorrego

4. Villa Crespo – the coolest area to stay in Buenos Aires

I know Buenos Aires itself is a very cool city but Villa Crespo is a very cool neighborhood where you will avoid tourist crowds and be able to find many trendy bars and restaurants as well as nice accommodation options. Villa Crespo is located in the inland part of the city and 3 km (1 mile) west of Palermo. 

In Villa Crespo, you can start your day walking through beautiful streets and pay attention to the amazing street art, have Argentinian wine and steak in cool restaurants while watching a tango show, and shop at unique souvenir stores.

If you want to stay in a more relaxed neighborhood with nice local experiences Villa Crespo is your place to stay in Buenos Aires. 

Luxury hotel

This boutique hotel offers a unique stay in Buenos Aires. The beautiful hotel has a nice swimming pool surrounded by a chic garden, rooms with a balcony where you can enjoy a glass of Argentinian wine, and a fabulous breakfast. You can easily access shops and the nightlife scene of Buenos Aires with a short walk.

Other accommodation options in Villa Crespo


Luxury Apartments features fully furnished rooms with a big kitchen and big terrace where you can enjoy a nice view


This hotel offers spacious rooms, an open kitchen with great amenities, a nice terrace, and easy access to the public transportation


Centrally located Airbnb has fully furnished spacious rooms and is within walking distance to cool bars and the nightlife scene of the city

Things to do in Villa Crespo

  • Check out leather shops at Murillo
  • Go for a stroll at Parque Centenario
  • Play pool at Cafe San Bernardo
  • See Monumento a Osvaldo Pugliese
  • Have a walk at Plaza Gral. Benito Nazar
  • Eat Jewish foods at La Crespo
  • Check out milongas (Tango dance halls) in Villa Crespo
  • See contemporary artworks at Ruth Benzacar
  • Explore street art at the intersection of Castillo and Serrano in Villa Crespo
  • Explore Argentinian cuisine at La Crespo

5. Belgrano – where to stay in Buenos Aires for families

Located in the northern part of Buenos Aires and 4 km (2 miles) away from Palermo, Belgrano is a chic neighborhood with lush gardens, upscale shopping and home to the city’s chinatown! It’s the perfect place to stay for families because of its safe, relaxed atmosphere. 

Thanks to its beautiful large gardens in Belgrano it is not a surprise to see dog walkers with around 10 dogs each! How awesome?. You can also enjoy a walk with your families along the nice parks and a picnic in the park safely. You might even spot couples practicing the tango on the old bandstands scattered throughout! 

While you’re in the area make sure to visit the beautiful museums, check out chic shops, and taste amazing Argentinian foods. Belgrano is a quiet area to stay and spend quality family time. By staying here you will also have easy access to other parts of the city. This hassle-free neighborhood is my pick for where to stay in Buenos Aires for families. 

Luxury hotel

This luxury hotel is a great place to stay in Buenos Aires for families and makes it easy to get around the city. Argenta Suites Belgrano offers a very nice swimming pool, spacious family-friendly rooms, and a great breakfast. You can easily access museums, parks, and restaurants on foot from the hotel.

Other accommodation options in Belgrano


This centrally located hotel offers a nice swimming pool with a sun terrace, fitness center, and spacious rooms


A beautifully decorated Airbnb which offers modern amenities and easy access to the main attractions of the city


Family-friendly Airbnb featuring 3 bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. Restaurants and cafes are around the corner

Things to do in Belgrano

  • Go for a stroll at the lush green park, Barrancas de Belgrano
  • Visit the Inmaculada Concepción Church
  • Marvel at modern artworks at Larreta Museo
  • See a football match or concert at River Plate Stadium
  • Visit the Historical Museum Sarmiento
  • Have an Asian meal in Chinatown or a steak at Tucson
  • See the Monument to the Victims of State Terrorism
  • Go shopping along Avenida Cabildo
  • Enjoy swimming in public pools with your kids at Parque Norte
  • Visit the kids’ museum, Museo de los Niños Abasto in a neighboring area

6. Microcentro – the best neighborhood for sightseeing

Microcenter is located 6 km (4 miles) away from Palermo and it is geographically the heart of the city where you will find the major attractions. If you want to stay near the city center and discover all of the different parts of the city on foot, strategically, Microcentro is your place to stay in Buenos Aires. 

Start your sightseeing in Microcenter by walking through the Plaza de Mayo and Av. 9 de julio. Check out historical sites, Presidential Palace and Obelisco which is the famous radio tower covered with a beautiful mural of Eva Perón. You can continue as far as you like and walk through all of the other neighborhoods of the city from here and then when you are tired enough, have a nice meal or drink in one of the beautiful restaurants and bars. Such a nice sightseeing plan right?

Microcenter is also a financial center of the city, so if you want to stay here you must be prepared for hectic city life and traffic (I wouldn’t suggest driving in Microcentro). In any case, if you don’t want to commute a lot in Buenos Aries, Microcenter has the most convenient location in the city. 

Here are the best hotels in Buenos Aires Microcentro:

Luxury hotel

Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel offers a comfortable stay at the heart of the city. After a long sightseeing day, you can have good sleep in their spacious rooms, enjoy swimming in the rooftop pool and have a fabulous breakfast to recharge. You can easily reach the main attractions and the city’s nightlife scene on foot. 

Other accommodation options in Microcentro


This stylish hotel features a great fitness center, spacious rooms with coffee machines, and an excellent breakfast


This centrally located hostel has a great decoration, bbq facilities and clean rooms with free wifi


An Airbnb which offers stylish rooms with an epic city view and has great access to main attractions and shops 

Things to do in Microcentro

7. Puerto Madero – for those looking for a modern vibe

Puerto Madero is located just next to San Telmo and 9 km (7 miles) away from Palermo. It is the modern side of Buenos Aires where you will see skyscrapers by the river. The main attractions here that you shouldn’t miss are the Calatrava’s bridge, the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, and the Sarmiento Frigate Ship Museum.

In Puerto Maderno, it is so much fun to walk by the waterfront, check out trendy cafes and go for a night out in the lively clubs. The coastal lakes and paths are the best place to go for a jog if that is your style or simply take a sunset stroll to enjoy the serenity. Even though this area is full of skyscrapers and corporate offices, it is ironically one of the calmest parts of the city! Talk about the best of both worlds! 

If you like a live city life you will like the dynamics of this neighborhood. In Puerto Madero, you will be able to find luxury accommodation in skyscrapers as well as affordable nice hotels. 

Here are the best hotels I picked for you in Purto Madero:

Luxury hotel

Centrally located in Puerto Madero, this luxury hotel offers a unique stay with its nice indoor swimming pool, sun terrace where you can enjoy beautiful city views, and comfortable rooms. Hotel Madero has a very good spa and fitness center for those who want to take care of themselves. You will also love the breakfast in this hotel!

Other accommodation options in Puerto Madero


This centrally located hotel offers a nice swimming pool with a sun terrace, fitness center, and spacious rooms


This beautifully decorated hotel offers modern amenities and easy access to the main attractions of the city


Centrally located Airbnb has fully furnished spacious rooms, a pool and is within walking distance to the cafes

Things to do in Puerto Madero

BONUS: Where NOT to stay in Buenos Aires

One of the biggest questions that travellers ask is: is Buenos Aires safe? Buenos Aires is generally a safe city to travel to if you stick to the touristy areas but there are some areas to avoid as these places are known to have a high crime rate. 

When choosing where to stay it is just as important to know where not to stay as well as the best areas, so here I would like to mention those areas to avoid in order for you to have a safe trip in Buenos Aires. 

La Boca
La Boca is located in the southern part of the city and is 10 km (7 miles) away from Palermo. Even though La Boca offers many touristic sites such as beautiful colorful buildings, tango dancers in the street and the famous soccer stadium, La Bombonera, it is not a safe area to walk at night. There is a high percentage of muggings in La Boca when compared to other areas in the city and tourists are advised not to wander too far from the main streets here even during the day. 

While I don’t advise you to stay here, I absolutely recommend visiting this unique area on a tour. The best way to explore this neighborhood is to join guided walking tours during the day or book a guided football experience where you will be safely transported and accompanied to a famous La Bocca Juniors game. Also for those who like cycling, another fun way to explore this area is to attend a bike tour. 

Villas are generally very dodgy Buenos Aires neighborhoods often surrounded by slums and are the centre of a lot of drug trafficking activity. As they are controlled by powerful gang like groups they are hotspots for a lot of the violent crime in Argentina.

Not all of them are bad, Villa Crespo for example is a safe neighborhood, however, if choosing to stay in a Villa to the south or outskirts of the city, make sure to do your research into the neighborhood first. 

Abandoned Train Station Area in Palermo
Palermo is a very touristy and safe neighborhood in general but it is better to be careful during the night if you want to walk around the train station area between Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho.

Due to the increasing numbers of trendy bars, restaurants, clubs, and government buildings, this area is not as unsafe anymore as it used to but it is better to be safe to not carry your expensive items with you. 

Frequently asked questions about Buenos Aires

🗺️ What is the best neighborhood to stay in Buenos Aires?

Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood are the best places to stay in Buenos Aires as it has many of the best elements of BA in one place. Some of the best hotels in this neighborhood are 1828 Smart Hotel and Duque Hotel Boutique.

🤔 Is it safe to walk around Buenos Aires?

Although robbery is more common than in some other countries, you will generally be pretty safe in the touristy neighborhoods during the day in Buenos Aires. Keep your wits about you, don’t take expensive items if walking around at night and stick to the main streets. 

⏱️ How many days do you need in Buenos Aires?

I would recommend you to stay at least 4-5 days to see most of the neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. 

🛏️ What is the best hotel in Palermo, Buenos Aires?

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Which is the best hotel for families in Buenos Aires?

☀️ What is the best time of year to go to Buenos Aires?

The best time to visit Buenos Aires is between April – June, and September – December.

🚖 How much is a taxi from Buenos Aires airport to the city?

Overall trip to the city center takes around 40 minutes and the average fixed taxi fare is between $30 and $35.


Here we came to the end of our beautiful city tour. I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did and this blog post helped you understand the best areas of Buenos Aires Argentina and you’ve already found your ideal hotel!

In this post, I covered the best places for where to stay in Buenos Aires and mentioned the top hotels as well as Airbnbs in each area from luxury to budget. As I said earlier, Palermo is the best area to stay in for first-timers with a vibe that can make all kinds of travelers happy. But, as all neighborhoods have a unique atmosphere in Buenos Aires, you can pick the most suitable one for your taste and use public transport easily to travel between the areas. 

I would also like to remind you of the importance of making a booking in advance as Buenos Aires is a very popular travel destination. This will help you to get better deals on hotels and guarantee to stay in your favorite hotel. 

I know I’ve already given many hotels but to wrap up, here are the best 2 places to stay in Buenos Aires with a great location as well as good reviews. I definitely recommend you to stay in one of these if you can’t decide between the awesome options in this list!

If you have any other suggestions or questions about Buenos Aires and Argentina please leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to leave a reply to them!

Enjoy your time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 


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