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Phoenix, Arizona has some wonderful things to offer its visitors, more so its residents. The city can be a great place to thrive and relax. Whether its busy professionals, retiring individuals, or those relocating with their families, Phoenix has something for everyone. Before you head to the southwest, here are some things you need to know about moving to Phoenix.


What to expect when moving to Phoenix

You can experience pleasant warm climate throughout the year

Known as the Valley of the Sun, you can expect mostly sunny, hot weather in Phoenix. It is located in the Sonoran Desert, the warmest desert in North America, where the temperature can soar past 105 degrees Fahrenheit during summer. So, get ready to turn up your home’s air-conditioner. Phoenix also has its monsoon season, which can bring heavy downpours and may cause flash floods. When this happens, residents and tourists are advised to stay in a safe place to avoid road hazards until the storms pass. Another weather pattern to watch out for is seasonal dust storms called haboobs. If you hear one is coming, it’s best to stay indoors.


It has an affordable cost of living

Compared to other cities like Los Angeles and Sacramento, living in Phoenix is more affordable. This makes it appealing to everyone with different financial capacities, most especially for retirees with a fixed income. The living costs are reasonable and the property tax is lower than in other large cities. However, you need to pay Arizona state income tax. You also need to settle vehicle tax in Arizona when you register or renew your vehicle’s registration. 


It’s a place for career growth

Investments in Phoenix’s commercial real estate are increasing, signaling the impending growth in the coming years. Known for its tech sector, many technology and software companies are opening offices in the Greater Phoenix area. This is attracting industry experts from San Francisco and Austin to consider Phoenix as their new home. In addition, the city has a robust financial industry with large institutions setting up offices in Arizona’s capital.


Moving to Phoenix Arizona

hiking around Phoenix Arizona


You can find an ideal neighborhood 

Looking for a community to settle in won’t be a problem because Phoenix neighborhoods have a lot to offer their residents. From downtown apartments to suburban homes, you can find what you are looking for here in Phoenix. It mainly comes down to your budget and the reason why you’re settling down.


Busy professionals

Those who prefer to be close to the city center and prefer commuting by foot or with their bikes to their offices can check Downtown Phoenix and Downtown Scottsdale. Both offer plenty of trendy restaurants and an artistic vibe. Also, Downtown Scottsdale is one of the safest places to live in Phoenix. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more upscale lifestyle, you may want to consider staying in Central Phoenix. There, you can have a scenic view of the neighborhood in the many luxury apartment buildings.


Families and retirees

If you are moving to Phoenix with your family in tow, staying in a suburban community might be the best option. These suburban neighborhoods are still close to the city, so commuting to your workplace won’t be much of a challenge. Being away from the city center can also be beneficial for retirees who want a quieter community and still access the city’s amenities. For instance, if you choose the small-town appeal of Gilbert, you can enjoy locally grown produce and artisan products in their weekend markets.

In Glendale, history lovers and sports fans will rejoice. It is dubbed as Arizona’s Antique Capital and is the home of both the Arizona Coyotes and Arizona Cardinals. Although a metropolitan city, Mesa still offers a suburban feel. It is also just a short distance from different recreational activities like hiking the Superstition Mountains to kayaking and paddleboarding in Salt River.

This is a great place to live for everyone, including those who want to improve their well-being. Some people recovering from illnesses may find access to the outdoors conducive to healing. Being around a diverse community can lead you to establish a support group that can easily share words of encouragement for sobriety should you ever need them.


For artists

Your artistic side will come alive when you choose a home in the Roosevelt Row Arts District. Many people who are into creatives find this neighborhood an exciting place to live in. It has award-winning restaurants, a great mix of locally-owned boutiques, and art galleries. Roosevelt Row is one of the oldest arts districts in Phoenix and is home to the Heard Museum of Native Cultures and Art. If you take a short drive northwest, you’ll find Grand. Aside from hip coffee shops, you can enjoy its eclectic vibe starting with the converted warehouses painted with colorful murals, as well as various art galleries.


University students

If you are moving to Phoenix for your academic pursuit, then you’ll find the city of Tempe appealing. It is located in the East Valley. There, you’ll find Arizona State University, one of the largest universities in the country. As a bustling college town, it has everything a student will need. If you are a budding art major, head over to the Warehouse District. It houses the Arizona State University’s School of Art and has numerous creative spaces to inspire you.


Endless things to do

You’ll never run out of activities to do in Phoenix, especially with the array of outdoor adventures available. There are 180 city parks and 33,000 acres of desert preserves you can explore. You can hike, run, or bike along designated desert trails. Also, you can enjoy the view at Dobbins Lookout, the highest publicly accessible peak in South Mountain Park and Preserve. After climbing mountain ranges, you can go to Salt River Tubing to relax. If you want to enjoy the outdoors without doing the exercise, you can visit the Ak-Chin Pavilion and listen to live bands. This scenic outdoor amphitheater is a popular venue for major musical acts and festivals.

You can also include the entire family by visiting the Phoenix Zoo and admiring some exotic animals. While the Desert Botanical Garden houses various desert plants, the Butterfly Wonderland allows visitors to experience the rainforest without leaving the city.


Phoenix sunset

Phoenix sunset


Tips for new residents

To make your move more comfortable, here are some relocation tips to remember before you get settled in Phoenix:

  • Don’t be alarmed when you see scorpions, rattlesnakes, and coyotes in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

  • Keep your warmer clothes because the temperature can drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • If you’re coming from a different state and bringing your vehicle, register it at the DMV and apply for an Arizona state driver’s license.

  • Be ready to drive around because public transportation doesn’t cover the entire city.

  • It’s helpful to identify when garbage day is in your neighborhood.


Moving to another city or a different state takes a lot of preparation. Similarly, moving to Phoenix will require you to do some research to get yourself acquainted with your new home. The Valley of the Sun has so much to offer to different types of people, and you’ll surely find it a comfortable place to live in.  



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Have you been to Phoenix? If so, did you enjoy it?

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