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Moscow is the largest European city and a breathtaking place of culture, with nearly 900 years of history. With millions of tourists annually, it’s safe to say that it’s a must-see for all travel lovers. Of course, making the most of your time and picking the best places to visit can be tricky with so many options.

Taking pictures is an important item on every traveler’s to-do list when exploring a beautiful city, and Moscow is no different. If you want to capture memorable moments and share your journey on Instagram, choosing the right scenery is key. Read on to discover some of the most instagrammable spots to visit and snap in Moscow.


Getting the most instagrammable shots in Moscow

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No trip to Moscow would be complete without a visit to the famous seat of Russia’s past royalty. Nowadays, it’s known as the official residence of the country’s president. Of course, there’s also a massive museum to explore that details its vast history.

The Moscow Kremlin is an expansive citadel of palaces and cathedrals enclosed by fortified walls and towers. Historically it functioned as both a fortress and the home of the Tsar regime before the February Revolution. After this, it was adopted by Soviet rulers and today continues to inspire awe thanks to over 500 years of history.


Moscow Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin


Red Square

We couldn’t mention the Kremlin without the famed Red Square. You can find this massive space on the eastern side of the Kremlin, along with many famous buildings. Originally intended as a marketplace, it has served as a landmark for most historical events since 1554. These included everything from public announcements to the crowning of Tsars.


From the State Historical Museum to the GUM department store, there are many Instagram-worthy spots to snap in the Red Square. You might even get to see one of its famous military parades. For example, the annual Victory Day Parade is held on May 9th to commemorate Germany’s defeat in World War II.



While the Moscow Metro might seem like just another subway from the outside, it’s actually a masterpiece of both engineering and design. The first sections that opened in 1935 featured extravagant marble and chandeliers. Many stations retain these grand Soviet designs, turning an ordinary setting into a stunning spectacle.


Aside from aesthetics, the Metro is also one of the longest in the world, second only to China’s vast networks. With 241 stops, some going as deep as 276 feet, there are loads to explore and discover. The beautiful designs also make perfect backdrops for Instagram photos.


Moscow metro

Moscow metro



Moscow is a wonderful place to explore where many unique periods of history collide. From Tsarist royal palaces to genius Soviet inventions, the city offers many buildings that make for excellent photos. Capturing spectacular pictures for Instagram is as easy as getting these places in the background.

With these tips and ideas, your Instagram page will become a goldmine of spectacular pictures. You’ll be able to look back on your journey and share your experiences with everyone around you.



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