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Latin America 10 Ways-SoloTravelPricingTracker: Spotlight on Latin America: After more than a year of lowdown, summer 2021 has been off to a rocky restart as COVID-19 restrictions constantly change.  However, top solo travel deals for single travelers for 2021-2022 are at unheard of lows. With Latin America relatively “nearby”, check out the three easy steps below to access 140+ top solo travel deals-Latin America.  Since no single supplement deals are always limited in number, book as far ahead as possible.

Follow the three easy steps below for no to low single supplements or solo-priced rooms/cabins using our free SoloTravelPricingTracker.

Go to the drop down menu, and select “LATAM”.

(For more information on their wide variety of trips, connect with UnCruise Adventures using our free search tool, the

Day 2-3 From San José, you will be off to La Fortuna.

  • You have lots of choices: You can start by relaxing in a local hot springs. Alternatively, you can begin with going whitewater rafting. If you want to really get your heart pumping, you can have an adventure rappelling down a waterfall!
  • You can hike around the famous Arenal Volcano’s base. Monkeys may greet you as you make your way.  To cool off,  you can swim in the nearby waterfalls.
  • Other ideas?  Go for a bike tour. Explore a wildlife refuge. Go for a horseback ride. Learn how to paddleboard.
  • Bird watchers and nature lovers will enjoy seeing the three hundred and fifty different local species. You may even see a sloth high overhead in the treetops. At ground level, you may spot really large lizards!

Day 4-5 From La Fortuna, you are off to Monteverde.

  • The day will start with a bike ride along the banks of Lake Arenal. You will have a boat trip and van to Monteverde. The Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve is cool even in the summer. Like Indiana Jones, you will cross suspension bridges high over the forest below.
  • For an exciting add-on, try out ziplining. You will get a true “birds’ eye view” from the tree tops!
  • For a real change of pace, you can visit the local Butterfly Garden.  It has thirty different types of butterfly so have your camera ready!
  • Fellow coffee lovers will enjoy the tour of the Monteverde Coffee Plantation. You will learn how your morning coffee makes the long journey home to you. Then it will be time to enjoy some samples of really fresh coffee!

Day 6-7 You will leave Monteverde and head to-Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast.

Day 8 After a final swim or surfing adventure at Malpais, you will head back to San José.

  • You will arrive in time for dinner and to see local nightlife.

Day 9 Your Costa Rica vacation for singles adventure travel packages comes to an end as you head home.

Costa Rica Two Ways: Ecotour Deals for Solo Travelers: Insight Travels:


Solo Travel Destination-Costa Rica a Top Eco Tour and Adventure: Sample Tour:

Costa Rica is a full pageant of color. Rain forests combine with endless white, sandy beachy. Butterflies and frogs buzz by waiting for you to focus your telephoto lens. Once you get off the beaten path in Costa Rica’s national parks, you will see both endangered and other species from large cats to noisy macaws. There are lots of adventurous, active options from hiking to diving or more leisurely birding and whale watching.

San Jose:

Day 1:

The capital of Costa Rica has much to see and do. San Jose has many museums to prowl through. My personal favorite was the Museo de Oro (Museum of Gold). It has many exhibits that date back to the time before Columbus. Fashionistas will also be glad to see its gift shop. It has great fashion jewelry in gold based on the ancient items in the museum. Earrings and necklace replicas make special gifts to remind you of your trip.


Days 2-4:

  • Bird lovers get ready to be entranced!  Humming birds will hover starting at breakfast. You will find more than 170 species.  Sunrise is the best time to view Costa Rica’s colorful birds. If you have good luck, you may get a selfie with a new “friend”!
  • Hike the Quetzales National Park.  This 12,350 acre park has 14 eco-systems and 3 forest zones! It has both natural water sources and highland forests.
  • See the division between North and South America which occurs at the Continental Divide.
  • Spy on multiple local bird species in flight or nesting.
  • Relish awe inspiring views between the Central Volcanic Cordillera and the Talamanca Mountains. They are near by to both the southern and central Pacific coasts. (To the east is the Caribbean Sea.)
  • Behind is the tallest peak in Costa Rica known as Chirripó.



Day 4-7:

  • Kayaking: Hatillo Mangrove Forest

Costa Rica has one of the world’s richest eco-diversity venues. Its mangrove swamps, filled with birds.  Species of birds range from the royal tern, brown pelican, little blue pelican and the bare-throated tiger-heron. Mammals include the exotic white-nosed coati, two and three-toed Sloth and the white-faced capuchin monkey. In addition, six crab species lumber through the forests. Also at home are massive boa constrictors and vibrant green lizards.

  • Hiking the Corcovado National Park

Founded in 1975, the Corcovado National Park has both ocean (2,400 hectares) and rainforest (54,539 hectares) sectors. It is a top venue for tourists from around world. It is rich with many species: 6,000  of which are lurking insects, 116 amphibians, 140 mammals and most popular? 400 bird species! The Corcovado National Park has 6 eco-systems. It serves as home for colorful scarlet macaws, tapirs and awesome poison dart frogs, leering crocodiles, fierce pumas and jaguars.

The Costa Rican Pacific Coast is home to the Caño Island Biological Reserve. Pristine beaches surround the island which is protected by a reef. As a result, it is perfect for snorkelling or diving. Year round you can see depths of up to 65 feet! You will see a wide range of species from whales, dolphins, manta rays, turtles and colorful tropical fish.

DAY 7 End of Tour


Peru Solo Trekker 4 U Insights:

Machu Picchu is one of  the world’s most famous sights. For global tourists, Machu Picchu is the ultimate draw to stroll slowly leisurely through an ancient monument while enjoying modern conveniences. For an active holiday, it is an ideal spot for outdoor sports and hiking. You can choose either or a mix of both styles that fit your budget and interests.

As a result, Peru is a top solo travel destination as a standalone trip. However, it is also well located to combine a trip to Peru with a visit to its neighboring countries of  Chile to the south or Ecuador to the north.


Peru Solo Travel Beyond Machu Picchu-Other Key Sights Not to Miss:

Peru’s Amazon:  Iquitos is a common launch point for Peru’s Amazon. You can choose an adventure tour going on an expedition with a small boat and crew. I did this in another part of the Amazon. With just fifteen new friends, we were able to make our way into remote areas not possible for larger boats. There is a real thrill to making your way through the rain forest with your guide cutting a path ahead of you. Another plus is that it is more likely that you can see wildlife in their native habitat by going “off the grid”! The Amazon region covers two-thirds of Peru’s territory.  It is a haven for wildlife viewing up close and personal! The sloth and monkeys high above the canopy are most often photographed. However, I fell in  love with the capybaras. These gentle giants can reach 120 pounds. They love to lounge in the natural pools that are throughout the Amazon. They are perfect for an exotic selfie!

However, if you would like a luxury 5-star river cruise, there are many great deals with no single supplements. A good choice would be combining Machu Picchu with the Amazon.

Solo Travel Deal for Peru: OAT Travel Sample Tour:

OAT Travel has 30 years’ experience in the travel industry and guarantees that groups will be no larger than sixteen people. Better yet: they have no single supplement* on land tours! It is not just the typical large tour model but a really unique, high-end tour at affordable prices. (Do book early while there is space available for solos to avoid paying a single supplement!)

Real Affordable Peru

 Lima • Sacred Valley • Machu Picchu • Cuzco

Explore Peru from storied Machu Picchu to the heights of Cuzco. See llamas making their way through the Andes and watch as local artisans create their handiwork. Sample top local cuisine and learn more about the ancient Inca empire.

Solo travel deal for Peru:


DAY 1 Fly to Lima, Peru.

DAY 2 Arrive in Peru’s capital, Lima, and explore the Miraflores district.

DAY 3 See the sites of Lima’s old city before moving on to ancient Incan times.

Solo travel deal for Peru:

Sacred Valley:

DAY 4 Arrive in the heights of Cuzco and start your adventure in the Sacred Valley. Cuzco, once the Incan capital is is one of the highest points in the region at 11,000+ feet. This is a good way to take it easy and get use to the height. It actually dwarfs Machu Picchu which stands at a mere height of 7,874 feet! Luckily, the Internet is filled with tips on adjusting and avoiding or overcoming altitude sickness. Pisac, also located in the Sacred Valley, is largely known for its handicraft, open-air markets.

Solo travel deal for Peru:

Whitewater rafting adventure:

DAY 5 Time for an adventure: go whitewater rafting in the Urubamba River. This has always been one of my favorites for solos or families. It is an adventure for both novices and experts. Before viewing the ruins of Ollantaytambo, you will meet a local family for lunch, and have the chance to try local dishes.  Ask about the piranha! I was really shocked to find that they make very tasty appetizers.

DAY 6 Make your way by train ride through the Sacred Valley and explore fabled Machu Picchu. While Machu Picchu is one of the world’s most famous ancient sights, it was only discovered recently in 1911.

DAY 7 Continue through Machu Picchu and exploring the Sacred Valley and back to Cuzco. Ask about whether there are still horse trails to make your way through the Sacred Valley. For other options, you can join an active day tour for more hiking, biking and ziplining. For a really breath-taking view, join a ziplining adventure at the top of the canopy.

Solo travel deal for Peru:


DAY 8 While you discover Cuzco, you will have free time to explore independently.

Solo travel deal for Peru:

Village life:

DAY 9 Visit Izcuchaca for archaeological ruins and trekking. Follow-up seeing daily life in the village of Chinchero.

DAY 10 Before heading home, you can see Oropesa, Tipon, Sacsayhuaman & Kenkoe. Located south of Cuzco, they boast more Incan ruins and history to view.

DAY 11  Time to fly back home!


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