Laos eVisa – How to apply for Laos online visa [easy & quick guide]

Laos eVisa – How to apply for Laos online visa [easy & quick guide]

Laos eVisa – How to apply for Laos online visa [easy & quick guide]

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Traveling to Laos? So keep reading because this post is all about applying for Laos online visa, and how to get your Laos eVisa in an easy, fast, and safe way. 

Laos has been gaining momentum in the traveling community as a can’t-miss destination for quite some time. Situated in Southeast Asia near other, perhaps more established countries on the tourism trail such as Thailand and Vietnam, Laos has been receiving far more attention—and visitors—in recent years. 

Photo of a viewpoint and beautiful landscape in Luang Prabang, Laos. One of the most visited places in Laos.
Viewpoint and beautiful landscape in Luang Prabang, Laos.

As is often the case with travel trends, many people hear about the latest hotspot by reading blogs or maybe from a friend who has recently been. Then, almost without thinking about what it is about that destination they are attracted to, they decide to go.

The first step in planning a trip to Laos is researching visas. The easiest way to discover if you need a tourist visa to Laos is by looking at their embassy website (search online for the Laos embassy in your country). The second is applying for a tourist visa, which can be really simple.

Just as many other countries around the world are opting to do, Laos has moved a large segment of its visa-distribution system online. The so-called Laos online visa or Laos e-Visa (electronic visa). To keep up with the increased demand from travelers, Laotian officials have updated the way travelers can apply for Laos online visa, making it an even more enticing destination to explore. 

So, read on to learn more about how to apply for a Laos eVisa before traveling and also a few things you should know before you go on vacation to Laos. 

Applying for a Laos visa online: how to do

There are many wonderful travel hacks for Southeast Asia. However, perhaps the most useful “hack” you will hear about, isn’t a trick at all but it is something important you should know before going to Laos. Discover if you are eligible for getting a Laos visa online and apply for it in advance.

Applying for a Laos eVisa instead of risking a long wait at your port of entry for a visa on arrival – or taking time and effort out of your week to apply in person at a consulate or embassy – is the easiest and best travel “hack” you can utilize. No doubt your trip to Laos will start smoothie and hassle-free.  

Photo of a passport and other travel documents you might need to apply for Laos eVisa.
Applying for Laos online visa is easy and fast.

By getting your Laos tourist visa online, you will be saving time, effort, and avoiding uncertainty, and really, what could be more important than that when planning your trip?

Thankfully, the eVisa for Laos is about as simple as it gets. Applicants need only to fill out a simple form that requests the information and travel document they would normally expect to provide to authorities during an in-person visa application.

After filling out the form with their name, information of a valid passport, phone number, email address, etc, and paying the visa fee, the Laotian travel officials will review the application process and provide a timely response within just a few business days. 

Once approved, vacationers receive their Laos tourist visa and should print out a hard copy of the confirmation email and carry it with you to your port of entry in case border officials request to double-check their records against yours. 

Entering in Laos with a Laos eVisa

Deciding where to enter a country typically comes down to several factors. That is especially true in a country like Laos, which borders so many wonderful and interesting Southeast Asian countries that travelers may also want to visit. 

Border Crossing between Thailand and Laos at the Third Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge
Border Crossing between Thailand and Laos, make sure your entry point accepts your Laos eVisa.

It can be tempting to travel with the wind and hop through these countries as your whimsy takes you. While that is an amazing way to travel, it is best to be aware of the best and safest border crossings to utilize while entering Laos. Especially if you are getting in Laos with an eVisa.

With that in mind, the eVisa for Laos only allows people to enter Laos through a limited number of border crossings. So, for example, if you are traveling to Laos from Thailand overland instead of flying, you will have to do so via either of the two Laos-Thai Friendship Bridges (I&II). 

You can check the prices and routes for buses to Laos from Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia on these two websites: Bookaway and 12Go. When searching, you can see which border the bus will cross and plan your trip according to the best entering point for your Laos online visa.

The other available entry ports for Laos for holders of the eVisa are the Wattay International Airport, Luang Prabang International Airport, and Pakse International Airport. You can search for flights to Laos here.

Curiosities about Laos you should know

It is always helpful to be as knowledgeable about a country as you can be before traveling. While it may seem like it can take some of the fun out of the thrill of discovering a place, there is a balance that travelers should strike to make sure they get the most out of their vacation time. 

For example, anyone who is heading to Southeast Asia to explore the pristine beaches should keep in mind that Laos is a landlocked country. How then, without access to the warm seas that its neighbors boast, does Laos have over 4,000 islands within its borders? 

Due to its amazing network of freshwater and unique topographical makeup, Laos can still offer its visitors a relaxing watery vacation. 

A final thing to keep in mind is that you should try Laos food and its typical cuisine. While there are influences from other cultures in the region, travelers to Laos can expect to find foods with spices and flavors like nowhere else in the world. Eating is one of the true marvels of visiting Laos. 

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An easy and quick guide for applying for Laos online visa. How the Laos visa online works, what is the Laos eVisa, how to apply for it, and at which borders you can enter the country with your Laos online tourist visa.

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