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Your credit score is a vital part of your financial life that affects many things. A few non-obvious things like getting car insurance or a new cell phone can significantly influence your credit score. You may want good reward credit cards or lower interest rates for your mortgage, and all these depend on your credit score. Interestingly, many things influence your credit score. Still, you can maintain good behavior and do these things, thereby boosting your credit score. Learn the essential tips to raise your credit card fast from this article.


Get the information about when your payment history will be presented to the credit bureaus.

Your lenders will always make a payment report to the major credit bureaus once a month and you can take advantage of such reports and boost your credit score. The credit utilization ratio is the fraction or percentage of credit you have used compared to the available credit. Ensure that by the time your issuers present your latest payment history to the credit bureaus, the credit utilization ratio is 30% or below this mark. If you maintain such behavior over time, your credit score will start picking up. It’s not hard to know when the payment history will be made; just make credit inquiries via the phone.


Keep your credit utilization ratio as low as possible

As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the credit utilization ratio (CUR) is the fraction of your credit expenditure versus what you are entitled to by your lenders. Many financial advisers recommend keeping the ratio to a maximum of 30%, although 10% and below is the safest option. Review all your credit card balances wholly and individually. If you have any card with a CUR of more than 40%, chip in some extra cash and bring this down. Else, this will influence your FICO Score and gradually decrease your credit score.



Paying your credit balances on time

As the saying goes, “Charity begins at home.” In the same way, simple good manners at home pave the way for more extraordinary things in other areas. For example, having a good credit score starts with building a history of paying your bills on time. If you have a credit boosting service such as the Experian Boost linked to the bank. Your on-time home utility bill payment will be reported to the credit bureaus, which gradually boosts your credit score.


Raise your credit card limits cautiously

Another aspect of good behaviors that will help you raise your credit card score is requesting credit card limits. However, this strategy has a caveat, and you want to be cautious as you venture into it. For instance, are you a Shopaholic whose increase in credit card limits will put you in trouble?

You might want to reconsider the decision unless you have self-control and you can exercise it with an increase in the credit card limits. Applying for an increase in the credit card limits can have various implications on your financial life, including a lowered credit card limit with increased APR or a boosted credit card limit. Besides, when the lenders request hard inquiries, you don’t need the credit card limit increase. In such a case, decline the request until they can grant it without a challenging investigation.


Periodically review your credit history to fix credit report errors

In many cases, people ignore reviewing their credit history reports. This is especially the case when they don’t have a missed payment. However, a periodic review of your credit card payment history is a factor that will boost your credit score. Remember, there is no single dispute that’s not worth reporting with the credit bureaus. Even if a wrong phone number accesses it, report this to the credit bureaus. This shows that you are responsible, leading to more trust by the lenders and even a raised credit score.


Become an authorized user of a credit card(s)

It is common for people within the same household to have varying credit scores depending on several factors. You can take advantage of this by tapping on the credit cards with the highest scores and becoming an authorized user. When this happens, the credit card has an impressive payment history; its length of payment history is also attractive. As a result, your credit card score might be raised. 


Have several credit cards – and use them

Having several credit cards and using them reveals a good picture of you to the lenders and earns you a high credit score for being responsible. For instance, you can try personal loans, student loans, installment loans, and home mortgage credit cards. However, even as you do this, remember to balance through and settle the credit balances for all the credit cards to increase the chances of raising your credit score fast. 


Opt for credit-boosting services

This may seem trivial, but you certainly want to try it if you’re going to raise your credit score within a matter of months. These services are free and are provided, such as Experian Boost costs you nothing but raises your vantage score, which also has a bearing on your credit score.


Prioritize the cards with the highest credit balances and pay them off first

Striking a balance in paying off credit cards is certainly a wise move. However, you want to pay attention to the cards whose credit balances are high, pay them off in time, and raise your credit cost. There is a factor known as the credit-to-income ratio. Although only lenders use this feature, it has a bearing on your credit score ultimately.



Your credit score is a crucial factor in your financial life. It affects many things, including simple non-obvious things such as acquiring a new phone or car insurance to great things such as good credit rewards and lower interest rates. Consequently, raising your credit card is critical. You can do so through several ways, including requesting credit card limits increase, paying bills on time, having several credit cards and paying them off in time, and reviewing your credit reports periodically.

Rose Rosie is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness.

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