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With the increasing internationalization of China, many foreigners need to come to China to work, and even some of their family members will come to live in China with them.

So, can all foreigners come to work in China? What are the requirements to come to work in China? How to apply for a work permit and work visa? What documents are required? What is the process? All these related questions are often troubling the hearts of foreigners, operators, and company HR.

What Is A “China Work Permit for Foreigners”?

The Foreigner Work Permit is a legal document for foreigners to work in China.

However, not all foreigners are allowed to work in China. The Chinese government’s principle of approving foreigners to work in China is to encourage the high end, control the average and restrict the low end.

Whether or not foreigners meet the relevant conditions to work in China can be found in: Classification Criteria for Foreigners to Work in China (Category ABC).

According to our application experience, foreigners, in general, must meet:

1. have a bachelor’s degree,
2. have graduated for more than two years,
3. be employed by a legally operating local company in order to successfully apply.

Special talents, specific analysis of the specific situation. 

What Is The Purpose Of The “Foreigner Work Permit”?

According to Article 80(3) of the Exit and Entry Control Law of the People’s Republic of China, “Any person who illegally employs a foreigner shall be fined 10,000 yuan for each person illegally employed, not exceeding 100,000 yuan in total.

Foreigners who work in China without a work permit are among the “three non-foreigners” who are illegally employed and may face fines, detention, deportation, etc. In addition to working legally, foreigners with work visas can enjoy the same benefits as Chinese citizens, such as buying a house or a car, paying social security, sending their children to school, and getting a driver’s license.

If you meet the relevant conditions, you can apply for a longer-term residence permit.

How Long Is The Validity Period? Are There Maintenance Costs?

The validity of the visa varies slightly depending on the employment policy of the city. Generally, the visa is valid for 1-3 years for category A, one year for category B, and less than one year for category C.

Foreigners need to apply for an “extension” when their work permit expires. If you change jobs during the validity period, you need to apply for “transfer”, and if you leave your job and return to your home country, you need to apply for “cancellation”.

Who Is Required To Apply For A “Foreigner Work Permit”?

As long as a foreigner is working in China and receiving remuneration, he/she must apply for a work visa. However, you can’t just apply for a work visa if you want to, you have to meet the relevant conditions.

Many of you have asked: Can a foreigner work in China if he/she has a business visa? The answer is no. A business visa can only be used for short-term visits or negotiations for investment, trade, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

What Documents Are Required For An Offshore Application For A Notice Of Alien Work Permit?

Application form for work permit for foreigners to come to China:

  • proof of relevant work qualifications;
  • highest degree (academic) certificate or relevant approval documents
  • proof of professional qualification and certified materials
  • proof of no criminal record and certified materials
  • medical examination certificate; employment contract or proof of employment (dispatch letter)
  • applicant’s passport or international travel document
  • frontal bareheaded photo of the applicant within 6 months
  • relevant supporting materials for accompanying family members
  • other materials (the receiving or deciding agency may request the employer to provide other supplementary materials that meet the basic conditions of the applicant).

Visa Express does provide document authentication services for applicants who live in the US. 

Can Applicants Still Apply If They Are Over 60 Years Old?

There is no age limit for foreign top talents; other applicants cannot exceed 60 years old in principle.

For those who are in genuine need and meet the criteria of innovative and entrepreneurial talents, professional and skilled talents, foreign professional talents who meet the criteria of points-based points, and those who implement intergovernmental agreements or agreements, the restrictions on age, education, or work experience can be appropriately relaxed, but cannot exceed 65 years old. 

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