France-Top Solo Travel Deals Off the Beaten Path

France Top Solo Travel Deals: Adventures Off the Beaten Path


Ernest Hemingway famously said:

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

However, beyond the “City of Light”, there is an entire countryside to explore with cheap solo travel deals, top French food and wine and Medieval and Renaissance architecture.

Some people visit France simply because they consider it one of the most beautiful places in the world, with excellent food and hundreds of cheeses. Others visit France for the shopping, the tourist attractions, the beaches or specific seasonal events such as Strasbourg and its famous Christmas market. But these are just a few of the reasons France is perfectly suited for solo travel.

When it comes to natural beauty, France’s scenery is as diverse as it is beautiful, with the glittering coastlines of the French Riviera, the patchwork fields of the Loire Valley, the snow-capped Alps, and centuries-old harbor towns of Normandy. This, of course, is hugely appealing for lovers of the great outdoors and gives you more bang for your buck.

France is also steeped with history with its story etched into every street corner. Visit the Loire Valley to see and explore a collection of castles sitting majestically behind perfectly manicured gardens, head down to the Dordogne region to see the incredible replica of the prehistoric cave paintings of Lascaux, or book in advance to see the real thing in the caves of Font-de-Gaume. Or spend a day or two in some of France’s wonderful old towns and villages, such as Provins, to the southeast of Paris, or Bayeux in Normandy.

Everyone knows that French cuisine is some of the best on earth. But, did you know that every region of France has its own local specialties? You are sure to fall in love with dishes you never even knew existed as you travel across France. And, of course, be prepared to eat lots and lots of fresh baguettes and stinky cheese washed down with a fine Bordeaux. Continue reading for some favorite spots. 

Paris and Beyond Top Solo Travel Deals with No Single Supplements:



The City of Light receives millions of visitors each year with its unforgettable ambiance. Of course, the divine cuisine and vast art collections deserve some of the credit as well. The gentle River Seine rambles through the city, flanked by stately museums, centuries-old churches, and blocks of Rococo- and Neoclassic-design architecture, further enhanced by cascading trees and glowing street lamps.


Marseille is a dazzling metropolis on the Mediterranean.  It features rustic but polished structures and a smattering of new museums along with a handful of Michelin-starred restaurants. France’s second-largest city is a must-see for the solo traveler. Its long, vibrant history combines a mix of Italian and French culture. The surrounding hilly landscape is dotted with gritty streets and whitewashed buildings. They tumble down to the yacht-filled waters which add to its allure.


Nice offers a sharp contrast to Marseilles. As the prime port town of the French Riviera, Nice has plenty to offer the beachgoers, history buffs, and high culture seekers who come to vacation on its Mediterranean shores. Perfect for solo travelers looking for relaxation. There’s definitely more to this quirky city than its pebbly waterfront, pastel-colored buildings, and palm trees waving in the ocean breeze. Nice is perfect for exploration.

St. Tropez

There is more to this French Riviera hot spot than meets the eye. A curious traveler will discover after spending the day on one of the famous beaches, the allure of an evening stroll through the Vieux Port or an afternoon journey to check out the museums or visit La Tarte Tropézienne to taste the desserts. St. Tropez’s many boutiques make it easy to keep up with the town’s fashionable, and sometimes famous, guests.


Lyon gives travelers a taste of authentic French culture, not to mention some of the most masterful cooking in the world. Founded in 43 B.C. on the convergence of the gleaming Rhône and Saône rivers, Lyon’s long history is still on view today. Lyon is also the gateway to the Rhône Valley – and the hundreds of wineries that spill out across the rolling hills.


France’s Isle of Beauty, Corsica features diverse landscapes and unique culture. The Mediterranean island’s clear blue water and white sand beaches are ideal for sunbathing, snorkeling and kayaking, while its rich mountainous terrain and dense forests provide ample opportunities to hike. Corsica also offers a one-of-a-kind food scene that showcases various local delicacies.


Northwestern France’s Brittany region stands out from the rest of the country in more ways than one. Locals are proud of their Celtic heritage, including their unique language, traditions, and festivals. Visitors will find many well-preserved historical sites, including prehistoric megaliths and medieval towns. The area features breathtaking coastlines with fantastic beaches that are known for their phenomenal surf, dive spots, and dolphin-spotting.


Imagine hills draped in vineyards that become quaint villages, magnificently preserved of their medieval charms, and you’ll start to picture Burgundy, a glorious region in central-east France. The crown of this fairy-tale region is history-rich Dijon, and Beaune, a walled village surrounded by enticing vineyards, is completely delightful, too – especially since wine tasting is the village’s predominant pastime. Solo  travelers will love Burgundy.

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