Europe Off-Season for Top Solo Travel Deals

Europe Off-Season for Top Solo Travel Deals, a Guest Post by Jessica Fender*

There are more than 50 countries in Europe with their cultural characteristics, values, languages, ​​and, of course, architecture and history. When traveling in such a democratic way in terms of cost as a bus tour, you can see several countries and not just from the bus window. After all, we can help you find walking tours that can tell and show the most interesting and iconic places.

Explore the Best of Europe

There are many offers to travel through old Europe. By asking yourself these simple questions, you can sift through all available suggestions and choose the best. So, to choose your ideal option, you need to decide:

  • what exactly you want to see (one or more countries, choose a priority destination, etc.);
  • how much time you can spend on the trip (number of days of the tour);
  • how exactly do you want to relax (beach, ski, hiking, or sightseeing tour);

You should also choose the type of vacation you want. These are some of the most common ones:


  • Beach vacation. It can be completely chill, with lying on the beach and minimal activity or with lots of excursions and interesting activities – whichever you choose. The beaches of Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Spain, etc. are often chosen by tourists.
  • Ski vacation. This is an opportunity to learn how to ski, snowboard, or just enjoy a comfortable holiday in snowy landscapes. Austria, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and other countries are especially popular among extreme sports enthusiasts. All equipment from snowboards to boots and overalls can always be rented on the spot.


Many people choose to travel to European countries not just for a vacation, but for study as well. It’s a good way to learn more deeply about the country, its people and culture, and explore it at a good pace. Plus, there are always many budget-friendly deals for students, which help them with cheap solo travel. If you are a student who wishes to travel as well as maintain good marks, check out GetGoodGrade – its writing experts will set you up with a great academic tool which students can use as a proofreader and grammar checker so you needn’t worry about paper quality.


H2: Great Tourist Locations in Europe for Solo Travelers


The best tourist destinations in Europe in 2021 were named by the European Best Destinations portal. The rating was compiled based on a vote of more than 600,000 tourists from 200 countries. This time, 39% of the voters who took part in the vote live outside the EU – and this is the maximum share of votes from other countries.


This year, the best tourist destination in 2021 is the Portuguese city of Braga, which was voted for by more than 109 thousand people. Thus, Portugal is very attractive to tourists and does not lose its position in popularity. By the way, new destinations have appeared in the ranking, which in pre-coronavirus times were not so interesting for tourists – we are talking about the Balkan countries Croatia, Romania, Montenegro, and Slovenia.

Many people think that traveling abroad is quite expensive. They are wrong! In many European cities, we can spend less money on food and accommodation than living at home. To dispel doubts, we suggest reading the TOP-10 Europe Backpacker Index for 2020. It has been calculated for more than ten years and this ranking includes 56 of the most popular cities in Europe. Cities are indexed according to the cost – the cheaper the city is for travelers, the higher it ranks. The calculation includes the cost of one night in a hostel, 2 trips by public transport, three meals a day, three beers or wines, and one entertainment.


  • According to the Europe Backpacker Index-2020, the cheapest city in Europe for tourists was Bucharest. The city is worth seeing due to its many sights like the huge parliament building – the most famous landmark of the capital. It is a stellar choice if you plan a European singles tour. Tourists visiting the Romanian capital will be delighted by the low prices of goods and services. The Europe Backpacker Index estimates that the average daily cost of living in Bucharest is $27.13 per tourist.
  • The second place in the ranking is occupied by Belgrade. Although there are a limited number of popular tourist attractions (except for the largest Orthodox church in the world and the historic citadel), you will discover a lively and interesting city center. You will be satisfied with Belgrade’s hotels in terms of price and quality. And in the low season, you can get very good offers even in luxury hotels. In addition, food and drinks are quite cheap compared to most other major European cities. The average daily cost of staying in Belgrade is $ 27.33 per tourist.
  • Next is Budapest – a world-class tourist destination. The city has plenty of castles and cathedrals to check out. In addition, there are cheap thermal resorts to enjoy there. Inexpensive hotels can be found a little further from the center for a double standard room-pay the same price as for a hostel in London. Food and drinks are also quite cheap, especially local dishes. The average daily cost of staying in Budapest is estimated at $33.55 per tourist.
  • You will leave a little more money in Krakow – a great destination for solo European tours. This city is also one of the greatest and cheapest places in Europe. Charming Krakow with a beautiful old town would be worth a visit even if the prices here were much higher. Currently, the city is very popular among Europeans who come to it on weekends. The city has many great and cheap hostels, bars and restaurants, so you can save money on food and accommodation alike. Hotels in Krakow are quite cheap. The cost of staying in Krakow is $33.63 per tourist.
  • Northern Macedonia has no access to the sea but is interesting due to ancient monuments, colorful architecture, cuisine, and mountainous landscapes. You can learn more about cheap solo travel deals using Update-194 Single Travel Tips. Northern Macedonia offers a beach holiday on the big Ohrid lake. Package tours to these countries start at $400 a week with a flight, per traveler.


Choose your Destination for 2021

Is it worth looking for a hotel for the New Year in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, or Cyprus now? There is little chance that the now open tourist countries will close their borders due to Covid-19 again because the number of vaccinated tourists will only increase, which reduces the risk of spreading coronavirus. However, it all depends on the emergence of new strains of coronavirus and how the world will respond to them. Said reactions can be pretty unpredictable – The United Kingdom lifts restrictions, while Thailand imposes a curfew. The reaction will vary from country to country and will depend on the epidemic situation. So, if you are planning a solo trip to the EU, read our tips and check the new updates in advance!

Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a professional writer and educational blogger at Writeload. Jessica enjoys sharing her ideas to make writing and learning fun.


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