Driving On The F-roads In Iceland – All You Need To Know

Driving On The F-roads In Iceland – All You Need To Know

Driving On The F-roads In Iceland – All You Need To Know

Driving the F-Roads in Iceland gets you off the beaten track and into amazing, barren scenery. But navigating these mountain roads can be challenging. Here’s all you need to know about driving on the F-roads in Iceland.

Perched on the mid-Atlantic ridge, where the earth’s crust is thin, Iceland is a volcanic wonderland of colourful mountains, sulphuric mud pots and expansive lava fields.

While some of the unique beauty of Iceland can be seen from the Ring Road, much more lies in the desolate highlands in the centre of the country. To drive to these highlands you need to journey along F-roads or mountain roads. Rough and ungraded gravel tracks, driving along them requires a 4×4 and plenty of concentration.

We were inexperienced 4WD drivers who set off to explore the highlands in an independent and sustainable way. During our 10-day itinerary we were sometimes nervous; often uncomfortable, and spent many nights exhausted from long days on the road.

But at all times it was an adventure. Crossing rivers in our 4×4 for the first time, bouncing over lava fields for hours, nervously cruising through sand, and best of all, leaving the crowds behind and heading into vast empty spaces with staggering volcanic scenery. It’s was the experience of a lifetime and something we highly recommend.

Here is everything you need to know for your own adventure driving the F-roads in Iceland.


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