Digital Nomad Hostels: HOSCARs Finalists 2022

One of the biggest revolutions the pandemic gave us was the possibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Many companies now offer flexible working contracts. Many workers have switched to freelance. After all, all you really need is a comfortable space that offers good internet, inspiration and the chance to meet fellow digital nomads along the way. Hostels in 2021 have jumped at the chance to embrace the remote working revolution, and open their doors wider to digital nomads with a whole range of needs. These five hostels were selected by the HOSCARs’ judges, as Digital Nomad Hostels. Which hostel is your work-minded HOSCAR winner? 


Viajero Medellín Hostel – Medellín , Colombia  

Medellin is an innovative city that thrives from 9-5 and beyond. It’s the perfect playground for digital nomads, full to the brim with inspiration, culture, parties, and great food. In the heart of El Poblado, Medellin’s trendiest neighbourhood, Viajero Medellin strives to give its guests the best experience. In and out of work hours.  

On the ground floor, you’ll find a comfortable coworking space. Intelligently designed; it understood the assignment to inspire and allow nomads to work for as long as needed. On the rooftop, breadwinners will find a Jacuzzi to relax after a long day out of the office. With both a kitchen and onsite street-style restaurant (where you can also work!), nomads staying here are well fed and immersed in the gastronomical culture. Overall, the hostel is famed for its unique urban design, thriving atmosphere, and excellent work/life facilities. 

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Co404 – San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico  

The cobblestoned streets and pastel dwellings of San Cristobal are the perfect place for travellers to set up camp. It’s also a fantastic hub for digital nomads. Perfectly equipped for productive days at work and time off exploring. Co404 was specifically designed for Digital Nomads by Digital Nomads. It provides a specific focus on work during the day and fun during the evenings. 

The hostel itself has volunteers whose job is to keep the family vibe among guests. They host a number of activities, as well as provide a friendly face to turn to at the end of a long day at work. Don’t you hate it when your internet crashes in the middle of a meeting? With two different internet providers, this is never an issue! With reliable facilities, cosy living spaces and a myriad of cultural activities, Co404 is a home away from home for digital nomads. 

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Take Hostel Conil – Andalucía, Spain 

Costa de la Luz: a surfer’s paradise where you can enjoy a day at the beach all year round. During the pandemic, digital nomads flocked here looking for a warm place to work and to escape their crowded cities. Take Hostel has welcomed countless working travellers over the past few years, and have since renovated its hostel to meet the specific needs of the modern wandering worker.  

There are two new spaces reserved exclusively for digital nomads; one 100m from the beach and one in their surf school. Gnarly. The coworking area includes private workspaces (perfect for meetings), high-speed Wi-Fi, a – VERY necessary – coffee machine, toilets and printing facilities. They even offer special deals for digital nomads that plan longer stays. In need of a good night’s sleep? Their capsule beds ensure full privacy and complete rest to ensure you’re bright and bushy-tailed for a full day’s work tomorrow.  

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Draper Startup House – Bengaluru, India 

In the heart of India’s ‘Silicon Valley’, Bengaluru is the place to experience the diversity of startup culture. Digital nomads travel here to network with a whole bunch of travelling designers, artists, techies, and entrepreneurs. All in the same place. Set in the startup hub of Bengaluru, Draper Startup House is the place for travelling entrepreneurs to work and play. A house full of passionate founders and aspiring enthusiasts eager to network. 

With rooms and dorms for accommodation and coworking spaces on the ground and top floor, this hostel is a digital nomad’s dreamland. They curate domain-specific events to build on productivity and networking (as well as fun activities!), including high tea with entrepreneurs; networking events; product launches and even a startup crawl. They regularly partner with companies including Google, Amazon, Canva, Notion etc., who offer free credits to hostel residents and community members. This hostel’s relationship with its community of digital nomads extends beyond business, they’re inspired by their guests to keep growing as an entrepreneurial hub. 

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YellowSquare – Rome, Italy 

Rome has attracted digital nomads worldwide for its cultural flair and widely spoken English. As the country tries to welcome more and more tourists and encourage their lifestyles, many cafes and co-working spaces are catering for digital nomads. Hostels have also made the plunge. YellowSquare Hostel has redefined the meaning of a hostel, catapulting itself headfirst into the remote working revolution.   

They provide flexible solutions for any need, including desks; gear and equipment for Youtubers/Photographers and even a special soundproof room for Podcast recordings. All free for its guests. They have since launched YellowShare, a hub for digital nomads dedicated to sharing knowledge, experiences and skills. By launching OpenCall, they have brought various creatives together looking for spaces to share their projects. Allowing artistic souls to join their spaces for free, to embrace their creative endeavours. Overall, this hostel provides an outstanding range of facilities for working, sleeping and letting off steam.  

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