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Riyadh, the capital and the financial hub of Saudi Arabia, has many adventures to offer you. If you plan an adventure trip with family and friends, Riyadh will be the best choice. Out of many adventures, desert adventure is something that you should not miss. This desert adventure is full of numerous activities, scenic views and the best night experience.

There is a magic here which embraces the tourist whenever they visit. In Riyadh, you can experience many numerous adventures. Experiences not only like traditional Arabian Desert camp but also Dune Driving, Dune Bashing and many more. These adventures are safe, so don’t hesitate to go there. This whole trip can be budget-friendly if you book it properly. Transportation in Riyadh is budget-friendly, and you can get car rental services near Riyadh airport very easily. Accommodation, transportation and food are not big problems in Riyadh. So there is nothing that can stop you from going on a desert adventure in Riyadh.


So, would you like to experience the amazing desert adventure in Riyadh? Here is some info you need to know before experiencing it.


Saudi Arabia Riyadh architecture

Saudi Arabia Riyadh architecture


Desert adventure in Riyadh

There is nothing more amazing than going for a desert adventure in Riyadh. You can have fun with top-end SUVs, numerous activities and scenic desert landmarks. The afternoon is not the best time for an adventure in the desert because of the excess heat. There are three times to enjoy desert adventures, and they are classified by time.

There are three desert adventures: evening, night and morning. You will get to offer different adventure activities at these times. You will be able to experience these adventures in the desert safari. You can go there whenever you want. It can be evening, night or morning. It’s up to you. 


Evening in the desert

Riyadh’s desert offers you an amazing view of sandy terrain in the evening, while one can mesmerize by the beautiful sunset view. This adventure begins from where you are staying, and you will get pick up by the highly professional drivers. 


Activities in the evening

On this evening adventure, you will experience activities like sandboarding, Dune driving, Dune Bashing, and many more. The evening desert adventure in safari is the top attraction of Saudi because of its amazing evening sky view. Tourists are served the traditional coffee cup, and you will also get an amazing view of this magical desert. You can have quality time with your partner.

Camel ride is the best thing to experience on this evening adventure (but not very animal friendly). Just explore the wonders of Riyadh on the trek while riding on the camel. One can also enjoy the tastiest dinner in the traditional Arabian tent. Sports activities like sand skiing, sandboarding, sand sledding are also part of the evening adventure safari. Just go for the adventure. That will be all worth it. 


Night in the desert

The night in the desert is more beautiful than anything else because there will be a sky with twinkling stars. At night, there are many things involved in the desert adventure. This is the time when you can have the best experience there. Usually, attractions like the experience of the falconry and belly dancing in the middle of the desert. But the best attraction, belly dancing, is not offered during Ramadan. This is also the time when you will experience the thrilling session of Dune Bashing.


Activities at night

You can enjoy Dune Bashing in 4*4 vehicles. When you ride in the dune landscape, nothing can beat that feeling. Later you will get served a traditional cup of coffee with juicy dates, which are so popular in Saudi. With the coffee, relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the desert. If you are in the desert for a night, a camel ride can be magical. It begins from the campsite and takess you in the desert.

After the camel ride, you can spend the night under the magical night sky in the desert. The best part is you will be served with the BBQ dinner. Other than these, you will enjoy activities like shisha smoking, traditional costume photography, sand skiing, sand boarding, and many more.  


Riyadh library

Riyadh library


Morning in the desert

After the night, tourists are served traditional breakfast at the campsite. Normally, the adventure starts at 8 Am. At this time, you have the opportunity to see the beautiful sunrise and experience the numerous activities. One can have a thrilling experience in the Dune Bashing. It is one of the most popular activities in Saudi.


Activities in the morning

The morning safari got everything from sand sledding and sandboarding to the tasty traditional breakfast. This is the time when you can have traditional Arabian costume photography and many more activities. You will be picked up by professional drivers from your place to the adventure site in the morning. Just enjoy the activities like Dune Bashing, Sandboarding and many more in this Arabian Desert.

Morning in the desert is also known for its mesmerizing view of sunrise. As we know, nothing can beat the camel ride in the desert. However, it’s a different feeling when you see the amazing sunrise while riding the camel. After the whole adventure is complete, tourists are dropped back to their hotels.


desert adventure in Riyadh

desert adventure in Riyadh


A desert adventure in Riyadh is the best adventure in the area. Amazing things like sandboarding, Dune Bashing and camel ride… Tourists can get to experience it all. The adventure isn’t just about the camping and camel ride; it is about the feeling that you will get after this. You will enjoy many activities here like falconry, belly dancing and so on. Just make a plan for this adventure desert. It will create lifetime memories. Just pack your bags and get the experience of the desert adventure in Riyadh. It will be worth it.    


So, are you planning to visit Riyadh this year? Check for the flights from your place and book it in advance to get some offers. This place should be on your priority list if you want to get a different experience on your trip.

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