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Solo Travel-Costa Rica Vacations for Singles fit every budget. They offer choices from relaxing beaches to active water sports or hiking nature preserves. I recommend also looking at savings off-season for even better solo travel packages. These savings start pretty fast when the large numbers of tourists head home.

Solo Travel-Costa Rica Vacations for Singles: Why Costa Rica?

  • I chose traveling in Costa Rica alone during the rainy season. I knew prices would be lower, and that tropical rains never last long. My umbrella stayed packed away in my suitcase the whole time! Later in the fall when stories of hurricanes make the news, singles vacations in Costa Rica may be even a greater savings. The good news? Hurricanes don’t often hit Costa Rica directly. In any case, my solo travel in Costa Rica was one of my best trips.
  • An added benefit of traveling off-season? I was upgraded to a junior suite at no extra charge. It came with a wonderful balcony bordered by flowers. The view was comprised of two spacious swimming pools. However, I am not sure that watching others swim constitutes getting exercise!
  • Costa Rica has more than one hundred hotels, bed and breakfasts and overnight options from 5-star Costa Rica luxury travel to small, unrated spots.  See our Costa Rican packages or use our hotel search box on the home page.

Why is Costa Rica one of the best solo travel destinations? The reason? It offers four different types of top vacations for those traveling alone.

Solo Travel-Costa Rica Vacations for Singles: Historic and Cultural Packages:

  • First, the capital is a perfect starting point for historic and cultural travel packages.


Solo Travel-Costa Rica Vacations for Singles: Wildlife:

  • Second, Costa Rica has one of the world’s remaining most diverse ecosystems. That makes it a wonderful way to have a blended eco-tour and wildlife excursion.


Solo Travel-Costa Rica Vacations for Singles: Adventure Travel:

  • Third, Costa Rica is the ideal spot for adventure travel. Start out going whitewater rafting. Follow-up ziplining high above the rainforest. Take a scuba lesson.  Go spelunking in the fabled Venado Caves while on a day trip to the Arenal Volcano. They were only discovered in 1945 but are a favorite tourist attraction.


Solo Travel-Costa Rica Vacations for Singles: Miles of Beaches:

  • Fourth, you can relax on the beach.  Fortunately, on a singles vacation in Costa Rica, you won’t feel like you mistakenly parachuted into a honeymooners’ retreat!

Solo Travel-Costa Rica Vacations for Singles: Option One:

I began my trip with a cultural and historical tour.

  • I started in the capital, San Jose. Costa Rica dates back to the time of Christopher Columbus. He is said to have been the one who gave the country its name.  It took three hundred years for Costa Rica to gain its independence.
  • As a result of its long history, the city has multiple museums to explore. My favorite was the Museo de Oro (Museum of Gold). It was filled with gleaming gold artifacts of the time before the Spanish arrival. Fashionistas will want to head straight for the gift shop. I especially liked the gold over silver (“Vermeil”) earrings that copied the centuries’ old artifacts.
  • Unfortunately many of the earlier historic buildings do not remain from the Colonial Period. However, there are a number of fine 19th century structures. Most famous is the 100+ year old National Theatre of Costa Rica. It is ornately decorated inside with pink marble and gilt. At the entrance, there are two very different statues. They stand guard “watching” tourists stream in. You will be “greeted” by Ludwig van Beethoven who has joined the 17th century Spanish playwright, Calderón de La Barca. If only they could speak, it might make for a rather strange conversation!

Solo Travel-Costa Rica Vacations for Singles -Option Two:

Costa Rica is one of the top remaining worldwide ecotourism destinations.

  • Rainforest, parks and wildlife sanctuaries make up 25% of the country. You will see tee shirts everywhere with frogs plus over three hundred species of birds and butterflies. The most popular wildlife symbol is generally considered to be the Red-eyed Tree Frog.
  • You don’t have to go very far to take selfies with a variety of  colorful birds. From my hotel patio, I was joined for breakfast each morning by a low-flying hummingbird, one of 26 local species.  On one day tour, a parrot leisurely perched on the guide’s arm. Apparently, he viewed us tourists as pretty routine creatures in his habitat.

Solo Travel-Costa Rica Vacations for Singles -Option Three:

A third option exists for single travelers looking for an active vacation. Costa Rica provides many adventure vacations for singles from zip lining to rappelling down waterfalls. With 6 rivers, Costa Rica is also a great destination for whitewater rafting.  In addition, hiking and biking are popular along the base of the Arenal Volcano or one of the five other volcanoes.

Solo Travel-Costa Rica Vacations for Singles -Option Four:

Costa Rica has two coasts and almost 300 beaches. I recommend you split your time between the two. Both the Pacific Coast and the quieter Caribbean Sea have boating tours. However, if you want to learn to surf, you must go to the Pacific!

For me staying in San Jose and joining day tours worked really well.

  • Within 5-7 days, I had covered most of the country and all four options for traveling alone in Costa Rica.
  • I had the opportunity to connect with  other travelers on day tours while still having my own flexible itinerary to follow.
  • It was very easy to navigate while staying on budget.
  • Costa Rica is a great mix of the Caribbean and Latin American cultures.

Whether you are looking for a sunny spa or adventure travel, visit Costa Rica and sample both in one affordable trip!

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