Cheap Solo Travel Deals-Costa Rica-Central America

Cheap Solo Travel Deals-Costa Rica-Central America Waterfalls

Cheap Solo Travel Deals-Costa Rica-Central America :Each year Costa Rica is one of the top solo travel vacation choices.

Why? Costa Rica provides four very different singles vacations.

  1. Historical/cultural tours.
  • A good place to start is in the capital city of San Jose by exploring an array of museums. My favorite was the Museo de Oro (“Museum of Gold”). In addition to ancient figures from pre-Columbian times, fashionistas will love the Museum gift shop. They sell copies of the solid gold artifacts made into jewelry and earrings for souvenirs and gifts to family and friends.
  • Few historic buildings remain from the Colonial Period. The most famous architectural sites are from the nineteenth century, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral of San José and the National Theatre of Costa Rica.
  1. Wildlife/eco tours.
  • Costa Rica has one of the world’s most diverse environments. Green spaces, rain forests and wildlife sanctuaries make up twenty-five percent of the country.
  • The three to four levels of the rainforest are filled with vocal monkeys, vibrant macaws as well as slow-moving sloths. Since it can be hard to see wildlife in their natural habitats, be sure to bring some good binoculars.
  1. Adventure travel.
  • Costa Rica is ideal for active adventure solo travel.
  • Start with zip lining high over the rain forest canopy.
  • Get ready to rappel past waterfalls like LaFortuna/Arenal.
  • Try out whitewater rafting with one of six to seven rivers to select.
  • Go snorkeling or scuba diving.
  • Explore Venado and other caves.
  1. Relaxing beach stays.
  • Stroll or just relax on miles of white sands.
  • Try out local dishes in restaurants by the sea.
  • Cruise the Pacific or Caribbean coasts.
  • Go deep sea fishing.
  • See the sun set in natural hot springs.

What is another great reason to look for single traveler deals in Costa Rica?

  • Hotels and other lodgings can be cheap. They include international chains as well as small independent hotels and bed and breakfasts. On a quick search of our booking engine, we found 120 hotels in 20 places in Costa Rica.   See our Costa Rican packages or use our hotel search box on the home page.
  • Luxury solo travel deals are also available. While not for budget singles travelers, the average 4-star and 5-star nightly rates are far less costly than in Europe and the United States. One local booking site featured 61 hotels as 5-star. Their rates ranged from a modest $113/night to a princely sum of $1240! Seven of those 5-star hotels were in the $200-$299 range.

In addition, for those of us in North America, short flights get you there fast and are often a bargain.

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Unfortunately, with so much demand, Costa Rica’s prices have gone up.

One creative way to save on a Costa Rican/Central American solo travel vacation package and also make a local contribution is to volunteer. My first solo travel vacation outside the United States was as a teenage volunteer in Trinidad and Tobago. So check out Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala plus more LATAM and global options we offer in our free See also our post on “Volunteering, a Different Kind of Vacation”.


Cheap Solo Travel Deals-Costa Rica-Central America

The good news is that there are many ways to find cheap single travel vacation packages right in Central America.

Central America-Why look for solo travel deals for traveling alone there?

The reasons?

  1. The airfares are typically low.
  2. There is a fascinating mix of languages and cultures.
  3. You have endless beaches to choose from on two different coasts.
  4. Nature lovers will be enchanted by the eco-diversity and colorful wildlife.
  5. Adventure travel with active sports options is easily available.
  6. Ancient ruins can be seen in the majority of Central American countries..
  7. Single travelers can find cheap solo travel vacation packages with no single supplements. For example, we found a well-rated Guatemala mountain lodge with a top solo travel deal-price from $22/night. For more, check our search engine on our home page for Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama.


Option One: Panama

Panama is located at the very base of Central America between Costa Rica and Colombia.

The Canal has been the focus of Panama’s recent history. It was an engineering feat that created a way for large ships to travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

However, Panama had both inhabitants in prehistoric times and a rich history during the Colonial Period. While the latter started with the arrival of Spanish explorers in the 1400’s, settler came almost  one hundred years later. Lured by the riches of the Inca Empire, for three centuries, the Spanish dominated the local precious metals trade, such as gold and silver.

In 1821, Panama freed itself from Spain but without achieving true independence. It  became part of a greater Colombia combined with Venezuela and part of modern-day Ecuador. After its 1903 split from Colombia, much of Panama’s focus was on the Canal that opened in 1914 just at the start of World War I. While it brought business and global interest, the Canal was controlled by the United States until 1977.

While less well known than Costa Rica, in recent years tourists have begun to “discover” Panama’s rainforests and wildlife as well as miles of unspoiled beaches. It is easy to get there by air or sea. Adventure solo travelers can choose to take a road trip to reach Panama along the Pan-American Highway.

Things to See and Do in Panama Starting with Panama City:

  • Hike the Waterfall Volcano or around Baru Volcano.
  • Rappel down rocky heights and lounge afterwards in a hot spring.
  • Snap selfies at the Punta Culebra Nature Center or Monkey Island.
  • Learn how to scuba dive, or try out an array of water sports.
  • Go day sailing or see the sunset on a catamaran.
  • Take a cruise on a small boat past the San Blas Islands.
  • Make it an adventure zip lining over the high canopies.
  • Stroll through the Old City of Casco Viejo.
  • Visit the national parks and wildlife conservancies, such as the Soberania National Park, Isla Mamey or Iguana Wildlife Refuge.
  • Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site at San Lorenzo National Park.

Learn more here about things to do while traveling alone in Panama.

For top solo travel deals in Panama, see also this jungle adventure.


Places to Stay in Panama City, Panama:

Prices are hard to beat! For luxury solo travel, we found five-star hotels for just over $100 and some just below.

For example, the Westin in Panama City, Panama starts in late May at $136.

An alternative: Your own bungalow over the water!


Cheap Solo Travel Deals-Costa Rica-Central America

Option Two: Belize

Belize, until 1973, was known as British Honduras. While it has been independent since 1981, it is still a member of the British Commonwealth.  In recent years, the original capital of Belize City has been replaced with the inland city of Belmopan, less subject to hurricanes.

Things for Solo Travelers to See and Do in Belize:

Belize has even cheaper lodging and singles vacations packages than those in Costa Rica. However, it still offers some of the same great vacation deals.

  • Explore the dense forest.
  • Trek the mountain peaks.
  • Relax on beaches.
  • Reserve a full day at the Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the second largest reef in the world and ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Also check out Diving in the Blue Hole and the Turneffe Atoll.
  • Watch the sunset on an evening’s cruise.
  • Get ready to take selfies (at a safe distance!) with baboons, colorful birds and exotic tapirs as well as typically shy jaguars at the Cockscombe Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • View towering waterfalls.
  • Go snorkeling or diving.
  • Try out “caving”!
  • Explore Mayan ruins.
  • Visit Laughing Bird Caye National Park, a World Heritage Site.
  • Looking for more adventure on your vacation? Go diving with “gentle” whale sharks.
  • Tour the jungle by boat.
  • Follow the path to Howler Monkeys.
  • Sail as a day trip or into the sunset.

 Where to Stay:

Colinda Cabanas

4-Star Year-Round Bargain: Lara Beyru Resort


More Singles Vacation Packages-Central America

Option Three: Guatemala

While Guatemala was inhabited as far back as 2,000 BC, its modern history began with the Spanish conquest in 1511.  With its capital of Guatemala City, it shares the Yucatan Peninsula with Mexico. Its recent history has been turbulent at times. After thirty years of civil war, peace came in 1996.

Although Central America is filled with volcanoes, Guatemala appears to have the most with twenty-seven in number.

Things to See and Do in Guatemala:

Guatemala has not received the vast numbers of tourists that Costa Rica has. However, there is much to see and do with cheap deals for those traveling alone.

  • Mayan ruins include stone carvings or stelae to vast step pyramids. The most famous, Tikal, has become well-known from popular films. A wide array of at least 500 ruins include the particularly well-known Iximché, Quiriguá and Yaxhá.
  • More recent historic sites start with the country’s prior colonial capital, now known as Antigua Guatemala.
  • For views from mountain peaks and insights into Guatemalan culture and traditional dress, the best spot is Todos Santos Cuchumatán.
  • 21st century living can be best explored in Quetzaltenango, the nation’s second largest city. Sights range from the main plaza to the impressive Catedral de Espiritu Santo.
  • With two nearby volcanoes, there are many local options for hiking and camping. (As some of the country’s volcanoes are still active, do ask!)
  • For adventure solo travelers, swimming in caves and pools like Semuc Champey is popular.
  • A more sedate option for tourists is visiting the Lake Atitlan region in the high Sierra Madre to learn more about the Mayan or for leisurely paddle boarding in the lake.

Planning Traveling Alone i n Central America:

Before booking your trip, go online to research each country and its internal regions before choosing the best destination. See, for example:

Costa Rica Vacations for Singles


For more top solo travel deals and Latin American destinations, think about Colombia. Based in the very northern part of the continent, it has a real blend of Caribbean and Spanish culture.

For over 20,000 tours worldwide and lodging deals for those traveling alone, go to our user-friendly, free solo travel search tool, the





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