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Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe: While there are many solo travel deals with no single supplements or low single supplements, the travel industry offerings in general are still priced based on couples and pairs.

The greatest disparity takes place when advance cruise deals give couples a fifty percent discount. So a $5,000 vacation package with a fifty percent single supplement means that single travelers would pay $7,500. However, if the tour operator offers advance sales promotions with “two-for-the-price-of-one” couples/pairs each pay $2,500 per person. In that case, a solo traveler would have paid three times as much.

Fifty percent single supplements are not as common now. However, even solo vacationers with a generous travel budget need to  watch for top solo travel deals with no single supplement or those with low single supplements of 15%-20% or less.  I founded Solo Trekker 4 U in 2012 to help fellow single travelers find top solo travel deals. (Be sure to go often to our free, user-friendly  You can connect directly there with 1,000+ tour/cruise operators with no to low single supplements, solo-priced lodging and other top deals covering 20,000+ trips.)

Beyond surcharges for single travelers, travel prices are largely driven by supply and demand.  As a result, one key way to find cheap solo travel deals is by finding destinations off the beaten path.

Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe=Croatia

Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe: Here are five such “hidden” European vacation spots for traveling alone. Travel more and paying less. (Sample lodging prices were selected for Nov. 2021 from our relationship with To link to their one million plus lodging deals, you can search two ways: 1. Use the search box on our Home Page at 2. Go to our free solo travel search tool at

Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe: Switzerland and Sweden:

Option One:

Switzerland: Solothurn:

Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe-Solothurn

Why take your solo vacation there?

  • It is not far from Zurich, about sixty miles and easy to reach by car or train. It is also close to Basel and Bern, well-located for a “bleisure (business+leisure) visit.
  • It has been called Switzerland’s “Most beautiful Baroque town”.
  • Beyond the charming Old World architecture, its natural setting on the Aare River is at the base of the Weissenstein Jura mountains. That makes it ideal for a break from the city.
  • History buffs will have much to explore now that the town is celebrating its two thousand year anniversary.

Things to Do as a Solo Traveler-Switzerland:

Includes top sights and activities by a local resident in “Lost in Switzerland”.  See a few of those items from his bucket list set out below:

-Tour the Saint Ursus Cathedral.

-Visit Altreu for Europe’s largest stork station?

– Find out why the number “11” has a special meaning for the town.

-Join a pilgrimage to Verenaschlucht.

-Take a day-trip to Burgaeschisee.

-Sample local dishes.

-Join the town’s anniversary celebration as it starts a new millennium.

Cheap Lodging for a Singles Vacation in Switzerland:

Switzerland can be very expensive. So finding an enchanting Swiss town with lodging for every budget can be hard.

This is what we have found:

Cheap solo travel vacation lodgings: A single dorm room in youth hostels in Solothurn can start at $50/night in Nov.

Luxury solo travel: There are also multiple higher-end lodgings offered at about $350/night. The Old Town, in general, can be pricey if you are traveling alone and looking for historic charm coupled with modern conveniences.

4-Star Charm Starting at $194

$260 Charming B&B


Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe: Option Two:

Sweden: Gothenburg:

Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe

Why take your singles vacation there?

  • For a travel back in time: While a town already existed there on the Gota River in the fourteen hundred’s, Gothenburg was founded later in the early seventeenth century by Gustav II Adolf. This was necessary after the Danes burned the prior city to the ground. The town’s main purpose was commerce and trade as an outpost in western Sweden. (See this detailed history of Gothenburg to fill in the blanks.)
  • For its own intrinsic charm
  • As a 21st century bustling city as the second largest one in Sweden.
  • For a singles vacation focused on Gothenburg’s active community of arts and culture, active theater, exhibitions and concerts.
  • For nightlife and celebrating the city’s four hundredth birthday! (A young upstaart next to Solothurn’s 2,000 years’ anniversary!)

Things to Do Traveling Alone in Gothenburg:

  • Explore key architectural sites and public buildings as well as plazas. Start with the Town Hall, Gustaf Adolfs Torg, Götaplatsen. Gothenburg Cathedral and City Museum.
  • Ready for Adventure? Try the rides at the famous amusement park, Liseberg. Rumor has it that Jimi Hendrix was such a fan that he took some rides seven times!
  • Enjoy concerts ranging from Snoop Dog to the Rolling Stones and Abba.
  • Go on an island cruise in the 8,000 island/islet Bohuslan Archipelago.
  • Go kayaking or relax snapping selfies in small fishing villages.
  • Foodies : delight in sampling local dishes and beer.
  • Trek through nearby parks.

Cheap Solo Travel Lodging with Single Rooms or Other Top Values for Traveling Alone:

Luxury Solo Travel at a Budget Price: Hotel Royal, a single room starting at only $97.

  • Centrally located this 19th-century hotel is close to the train station as well as only 10-minutes walk to the main street and the popular amusement park.

Cheap Solo Travel:  Hostel with Bunk Beds Starting at $54/night (6.6 miles away)

  • There are shared bathrooms but also kitchen access to help keep on budget.

Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe-Option Three: Germany:

Germany: Landshut:

Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe-Landeshut

Why Travel Alone to Landshut?

Landshut, Bavaria, Germany is a charming town of 70,000 on the River Isar.

While surrounded by modern buildings, the center has retained its medieval character dating to the 1200’s. It also has retained much of its Renaissance and Baroque architecture. (See detailed Landeshut history from the 13th century.)

Things to Do and See in Landshut:

Step back into medieval life:

  • Start with the 13th century Trausnitz Castle founded by Duke Ludwig.
  • Next visit the Church of St. Martin.
  • Experience life in 1475 as shown in the Landshuter Hochzeit pageant.
  • Tour the Old Town city center.
  • Stroll past the ancient city wall and town gate.
  • Explore the ancient fortress, Ländtor Landshut.

To learn more, check out:

15 Best Things to Do in Landshut.

For another view, see:

7 Best Things to Do in Landshut.

Enjoy a change of pace:

  • Fashionistas will want to prowl through the Landshut Park, a large shopping mall conveniently located near major monuments and tourist sights.
  • Foodies should see the Michelin Guide Germany that rates two local restaurants.

Cheap Solo Travel Deals: Budget Lodging from $91: Hotel Freischütz:

The best of both worlds: It is a brand new hotel opened in 2018. However, since it is located in the Old Town, its rooms are styled after  medieval or nature themes.

Old Europe Ambiance: Hotel Goldene Sonne:

A Junior Suite from $178

Budget-Friendly Top Singles Vacation-Option Four: Bad Wildungen, Germany:

Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe-Schloss Waldeck

Why  Take Your Solo Vacation in Bad Wildungen?

Bad Wildungen is a small town with a limited number of tourist attractions. However, if you are ready to get away from your hectic life, look into taking a short solo vacation in this local wellness center or spa.

Bad Wildungen has long been known as a spa venue. It is located in the German state of Hesse. Like most of Germany and Europe, in general, its history dates back hundreds of years having been prominent in the Reformation. One of its leading landmarks is an Evangelical Church dating back to 14th-century pre-Reformation times.

Singles Vacations Traveling Alone in Germany-Bad Wildungen: Things to See and Do:

Start by touring the Stadtkirche. It is particularly known for its Niederwildungen Altarpiece and early German painting.

Visit the Schloss Friedrichstein. While planned in the 17th-century, it was not completed until the early 18th-century leadership of  Prince Friedrich Anton Ulrich zu Waldeck.

Take in a concert at the Wandelhalle.

Explore the past in both the History and Natural History Museums.

Relax in hot springs and spend a half-day in a local spa, Quellen Therme.

Trek the forest.

Go horseback riding or biking.

Enjoy a day canoeing or fishing.

Try your hand at improving your golf score.


Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe: Solo Lodging in Bad Wildungen:

Cheap Solo Travel Deals-Budget Hotels in Germany:

Starting at $48: 9 Miles from Bad Wildungen in  Fritzlar:

Ferienwohnung Oliver: This small apartment with private bath has free Wi-Fi and access to barbecue the on-site garden.

Luxury Solo Travel-4-Star Hotels at a Range of Prices:

Castle Hotels From $195: In Waldeck, 8.9 Miles from Bad Wildungen:

Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe-Waldeck 2

Schloss Waldeck: This 4-star hotel stands on a hilltop providing impressive views of the countryside below. Its history dates back to the 11th-century when it was actually home to a local knight.

When I travel to Europe, castle hotels are my top choice. They give the feel of Old Europe combined with 21st-century conveniences. While they tend to be outside major urban areas in the countryside, even top castle hotels tend to cost less than hotels of equal quality in large cities in Europe.

The Waldeck Castle Hotel has elegant guest rooms with a choice of views of Lake Edersee or the surrounding nature parks. There is on-site fine dining restaurant and a spa.

Learn More:

Bavarian Castle Hotels.

Solo Travel Deals: Castle Hotels

Budget-Friendly Solo Travel Deals-Undiscovered Europe: Option Five: Bologna-Italy:

Cheap Singles Vacations-Undiscovered Europe-Bologna

Why Go to Bologna as a Solo Traveler?

It is true that Bologna is not “undiscovered”. However, we included it in our five options since it is not on the typical tourist itinerary through Italy. Although Rome, Florence and Venice dominate the bucket list for most vacationers coming to Italy, Bologna has much to offer. As the capital of  Emilia-Romagna region, it is best known as the country’s center for world-famous cuisine from pasta to meats, gelato and elaborate desserts.

It is close enough to make it a day trip from Venice or Florence.

Bologna’s history dates back 3,000 years to the Bronze Age. For tourists though, its medieval history will be most evident today. There are countless porticos to stroll through and still intact ancient churches and public buildings to visit.

What Can You Do on a Solo Vacation in Bologna?

Recommended by The Crazy Tourist: (To learn more: See their complete list of Top Attractions in Bologna.)

  • Start with the Piazza del Nettuno and move on to the Piazza Maggiore, the heart of Bologna, the Basilica of San Petronio, the Piazza San Stefano and the Palazzo Re Enzo..
  • Explore the world’s oldest library.
  • See the Towers of Bologna, the Asinelli and the Garisenda.
  • Foodies (or not) will especially enjoy sampling local dishes in the Quadrilatero Market.

For a different take, check out Tourist Secrets-Bologna, and its recommendations:

  • Visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna Di San Luca.
  • Take the 498 steps up to view the city from the Asinelli Tower.
  • Check out the Museum of Modern Art.
  • Sign up for a cooking class.
  • Look for bargains at the La Piazzola Market dating to the 13th-century.
  • Learn more about Bologna’s ancient origins at the Museo Civico Archeologico.
  • Find out about the city’s “Hidden Canals” and the “Seven Secrets of Bologna”>

Cheap Solo Travel Lodging and Luxury Options in Bologna:

From $68:   Ramo Rosso di Paolo Natalini: At a modest price the Ramo Rosso provides lodging with features more often found in apartments for short-term rentals.

Be sure to ask for a room with a terrace, a microwave and coffee machine to go with the kitchenette. All guest rooms have free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

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