Bali-Playing Golf Solo The Ultimate Vacation

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Bali-Playing Golf Solo The Ultimate Vacation 

Guest Post by Jordan Fuller of Golf

Golfers usually travel in groups, but only a few know the benefits of riding solo.

Whether you’re a solo backpacker, flying out alone for a business trip, or you just need a no-stress quick getaway and you want to hit the links alone, you should try solo golfing in no other than the heavenly paradise of Asia: Bali, Indonesia.


Hitting the links may be taboo to others, but in this article, we will guide you through planning a fun solo golf tour and how you can make the most out of your solo vacation.


Planning your solo golf tour in Bali


Most people, if not all, would fly to Bali to sate their desire for sun, sea, and sand, visiting ancient temples, and experiencing an ultra-relaxing body spa. But the truth is, Bali is more than its pristine beaches. Golfers can also revel in the beautiful golf courses in the province.


If you’re traveling with the sole intention of having fun in Bali, carefully consider your visitation dates and destination. For instance, if your desired destination is densely populated during peak seasons, you may be able to find more elbow room on local and equally beautiful golf courses during weekdays. After all, you don’t want to spend your solo golf trip around big families and kid-filled amenities, do you?


The next advice takes a tad bit of nerve but can make an absolute difference between a golf session and a worthwhile golf session. After deciding your golf destination, book your tee time in advance. Talk to a customer service representative and be upfront about your requests. For instance, say you’d rather not be in a group of men golfers, you love to play alone, or if you want to join the course’s women’s club. Find out other activities you can do other than golf like spa, tennis, or yoga. Golf professionals usually value these requests, so don’t pass up an opportunity to brief them prior to your visit.



Must-have golf gears


Playing golf requires several pieces of equipment. But as a solo traveler, you may want to travel light as much as possible. Golf may be more demanding than other sports like basketball when it comes to equipment, but you don’t need to be hassled with bringing all of your gears and accessories for a quick overseas trip.


Here’s a rundown of golf essentials you should pack in your arsenal:


Golf apparel – bring with you golf outfits, your golf hat, and shoes


Golf clubs – you will need a set that consists of a fairway wood, iron, hybrid, driver, and a putter.


Golf bag – A travel-sized golf club to carry your clubs


Golf balls – You cannot play golf without this essential gear. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to pack cheap yet quality golf balls



The best golf courses in Bali


Do you know what’s the best thing about traveling solo? You get to visit a lot of places at your own pace—unbounded by other people’s opinions and preferences. Now, you can explore Balinese golf courses to your heart’s content. Let’s start with our list of must-not-miss golf courses in Bali:



Bali National Golf Club


If you desire an experience as luxurious as the nature and sights in Bali, then the Bali National Golf Club is the place to be. So, slip your golf shoes on and outfit and enter another beautiful world. Situated in the Maj Nusa Dua, this golf course welcomes novice and professional golfers.


If you come from Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport, it will only take a 20-minute drive before you reach the Bali Mandara toll. Once you get to the Bali National Golf Club, you will be welcomed by the 18-hole course, lush greens kept in shape, and top-tier amenities, including a pro shop, dining terrace, and golfer’s lounge should you wish to meet other golfers.



Bali Beach Golf Course


Snuggled in a secluded paradise of tall trees, peaceful lakes, and lush greens, Bali Beach Golf Course is a majestic sight to behold. Best for experienced golfers, the golf course presents few holes with natural hazards, wind included, that add elements of challenge and fun to your game. Additionally, the greens present an excellent putting surface, making it a perfect playground to practice your swings. Golf lessons are available, too, so make the most of your stay in this private golf course!



Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club


This 18-hole, par-54 golf course serves “unparalleled bliss,” thanks to the panoramic sea views and stunning sunrise and sunset sightings. A magical setting set in an equally magical province, the Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club is best for golfers looking for an exquisite, sophisticated, and intimate experience with all the goodness nature entails. Indeed, it’s the perfect setting for that Balinese dream escapade, so if you have a flair for cultured golfing experience, hit some golf balls on this golf course’s prolific greens. And the best part? It houses four ultra-luxury hotels for you to choose from. Talk about a dreamy tropical vacation!



New Kuta Golf Club


If intimacy with nature is your top priority, you’ll love playing in New Kuta Golf Club. Situated in Pecatu near Dreamland Beach, this Ronald Fream-designed golf course comes with a serene sea view as a backdrop with waves crashing the base of some holes. This golf course boasts 18 holes and more than 7,500 yards. What better way to play golf with the ocean waves as your ambient sounds, right? We suggest you tee-off around 2 pm to take snaps of the breathtaking Balinese sunset. After playing golf, we highly recommend trying out their variety of sumptuous Indonesian foods in the clubhouse.





Solo golfing in Bali may seem uncanny to most people, but it may become the best time of your life. Imagine going to a tropical paradise, hitting the links alone with no pressure to compete or impress other golfers. Also think about being harmonized with your own rhythm and performance, relaxing amidst the calmness and stillness in Bali. It’s undoubtedly a golf getaway other people can only dream of.


And for our last tip: don’t forget to try other activities! Many golf resorts include other amenities that open you to a plethora of fun, exciting activities. So make sure to make the most out of your Balinese escapade!

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