7 Top things to do in Edinburgh – Crazy sexy fun traveler

7 Top things to do in Edinburgh – Crazy sexy fun traveler

7 Top things to do in Edinburgh – Crazy sexy fun traveler

If you are looking forward to visiting the breathtaking capital of Scotland, here are some of the attraction sights that make the city worth visiting. There are several exciting things that you can do in Edinburgh.

The beautiful heritage, stunning and fabulous architecture because there is nowhere else like it, with countless twisting alleyways and a fantastic castle built on a dormant volcano.

Begin your tour in Edinburgh’s ancient Old Town, home to some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including Edinburgh Castle and the Aristocratic Mile.

Start taking a theme tour to learn about the city’s numerous mysteries, then relax in a cozy café and enjoy the scenery that goes by.

In that respect, you’ll be lucky in Edinburgh with so many things to see and do. The New Town has a diverse range of stores and eateries, including some of Edinburgh’s best.

You may even hike to the peak of Arthur’s Seat, an erupting volcano with the greatest city skyline if you’re feeling brave.

Edinburgh airport parking has its own way and modernization. The first 30 min after entering the car park are free, and you can depart the parking space using your ticket if you really have not surpassed the initial 30-minute timeframe.

If you stay longer than the first 30 minutes, you can be charged for the remainder of your stay at one of the pay terminals situated throughout the parking lot.


stunning Edinburgh Castle

stunning Edinburgh Castle


1. Edinburgh Castle

Enter the enchanted doors and wander from one room to the next, dreaming about days at Edinburgh Castle passing by. It is one of the top spots in Edinburgh to visit if you want to learn much more about the city’s history.

The medieval fortification was constructed high on Castle Rock, a 700 million-year-old volcano.

The most prominent sights within this castle are the Royal Palace, The Great Hall, and St. Margaret’s Chapel.

Princes Street, Princes Street Gardens, and the Royal Mile are just a few of the city’s most prominent attractions.


2. Palace of Holyrood house

The palace of Holyrood house is also one of the most attractive sights in Edinburgh, filled with luxury and splendid architecture that will surpass the magnificent castles you adored in your childhood.

It is situated at the end of the royal miles and where the queen of Scotland lived. You can also visit its rooms and learn about the inhabitants of the queen and prince of Scotland.

The castle has entertained many royals over the years, such as Queen Elizabeth II, James VII, King George V, David I, and others.

The entrance rooms, crowns, chambers of prior monarchs, the citadel, and the suite where the Queen of Scots lived will all be on display.


3. National Museum Scotland

The weather in Edinburgh is highly unpredictable, and the national museum of Scotland is the place where you can hide from the rain.

If it is raining, there are no worries about what to do. All you have to visit museums with many heritages, with over 2000 or more artifacts present here for people to see.

You can view the catacombs of Egypt, the wonders of every day, and the modern-day technologies.


top things to do in Edinburgh


4. The Royal Mile

The royal mile is situated underground, where people are still haunted by the stories of the streets since the 17th century.

It is the best place to visit, reflecting Edinburgh’s life from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. The site is full of historic and fascinating depictions of Edinburgh’s culture and heritage.

It is the place that connects the two royal residences and is the central home for parliament and senate, all the law courts, i.e., old or new, churches and cathedrals. The streets are the backdrops for several movies such as avengers and marvel.

Also, many pubs, bars, and restaurants are present there for the visitors to come and explore.


5. Sightseeing from the Scottish Monument

Another breathtaking place in Edinburgh is the Scott Monument. It was built in 1832 to remember Edinburgh’s famous poet and writer, Sir Walter, and this monument is for the commemoration of the death of that legend.

The memorial, which stands just over 200 feet tall and is adorned with sculptures of personalities from his writings, is the nation’s biggest memorial to a writer.

Climb the 287 stairs to the top for spectacular city views. The Museum Room, which houses an exposition on Scott’s life and career, is also located inside the monument.


6. National Gallery of Modern Art of Scotland

Whether you’re an art fan or not, a visit to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art will not be a disappointment.

This top Edinburgh destination is the one which consists of two spectacular buildings, houses artworks dating from the 1900s to the modern-day.

Admire works by Matisse, Picasso, and Emin, as well as many other Scottish artists of the time. Carvings by Tony Cragg and Barbara Hepworth, among many others, can be found in the galleries’ manicured gardens.

Do not even miss the replica of Scottish sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi’s historic workshop in Contemporary Two after sipping coffee and a piece of cake in the portrait gallery cafe.


7. Edinburgh Royal yacht

The Royal Yacht Britannia was once Queen Elizabeth’s Palace on the Water and is now Scotland’s most well-known tourist hotspot.

As you board this yacht, heed the words of grandeur as you see the State Quarters and the dazzling Power plant.

This ship has been in service to the Royal Family for almost forty-four years, covering over one hundred thousand times and making 968 state visits.

A state restaurant with 56 seats, a 24-hour washing, a state great hall, comfortable seating rooms, apartments for the Duke and Queen of Edinburgh, and a sun terrace.



In Edinburgh, cultural festivals are never far away. By day, you can climb a poet’s mausoleum, enjoy the artwork in exhibitions and cherished wonders in galleries, or perhaps even explore Holyrood Palace’s environs.

By night, there are excursions, orchestral and dramatic events, and whisky pubs where you can discover your particular liquor.

And then you’ll see the buzzing Edinburgh Fringe, the most extensive global open-access art gallery; go in August, once the city lights up with the best talents and acts worldwide.

Even the airports in Edinburgh are also famous for their uniqueness and are full of attractions.


TIP: Once in the country, I recommend you to check out also the following 9 must see’s in Scotland.


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