7 Reasons why you need a boating license in Pennsylvania – Crazy sexy fun traveler

7 Reasons why you need a boating license in Pennsylvania – Crazy sexy fun traveler

7 Reasons why you need a boating license in Pennsylvania – Crazy sexy fun traveler

The government of Pennsylvania requires every PWC operator to have a boating education and a boater card. Hence, you need to have a boating license before you start boating in Pennsylvania.

Are you thinking that you will not be able to pass the exam and get a license? Or do you worry about its procedure? If you are a boating enthusiast aiming to navigate through Pennsylvanian waters, you can get certified for your Pennsylvania boating license with easily.

Let’s look at seven significant reasons you need a boating license in Pennsylvania.


Local knowledge

The boating safety course is not just going to give you a boating card or license but tons of helpful information. You may think you have the proper knowledge, but in reality, every state has different challenges when it comes to boating. Learning about all the necessary situations and equipment will help you tackle any situation you will face in open waters.


why you need boating license


Attract more customers

Although there’s an obligation in Pennsylvania to have a boating license, it is still a necessity even if it’s not. If you have a competitor boater and there is a customer at your boat shack, despite your years of experience, the client will prefer the one with a license. Additionally, your license will help you with authorities in any accidents or other untoward incidents. You can boat in Pennsylvania without a license, but it’s risky and will land you in trouble with law enforcement.



Even if you know all the safety rules, precautions, boating laws, and situations, there’s a slight chance that you may not be able to handle a tricky and dangerous situation. An average of 200-250$ is being paid as a fine by the boaters who don’t possess a boating license; therefore, apply for a license before entering Pennsylvania waters.



The boating license is the same as your driving license as it also proves your identity. In case of any unfortunate event of an accident in Pennsylvania, your license will serve as your identification when there is no other document available. Despite identification, the license can also be used to close deals and other legal matters, giving you an extra option in this regard.


Boat insurance

Having a boating license in Pennsylvania will allow you to get a discount on your boat insurance. Moreover, most insurance companies require a boating license; therefore, having one will speed up the process.


Drive PWC

You need a license to drive your car on the road; the same goes for boating. So, whether it’s a Wave runner, sea-doo, or jet ski, you can work as a PWC operator or drive your own but only with a boating license.


One license

A license by an institute approved by the government can be used in all states. You don’t have to apply for a new one every time you enter the water in a different state.

A boating license confirms that you are an experienced boater and can be trusted on open waters. Don’t get in trouble and acquire a boating license before enjoying Pennsylvania’s waters.

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