10 Tips to Consider on the High Costs of NOT Traveling Solo

Here are our 10 Tips on the high costs of NOT traveling solo:

  • Solo travel costs more.
  • Why is that? Tour and hotel prices are based on doubles. They may add a fee or single supplement if you are a solo.

Why go solo if it costs more?

  • My first solo travel was by accident. I was a student. I thought it was “time to see America”. Add: no car, no cash! No one else could join me. I bought a bus ticket from DC to LA one way!  It was $99.
  • I had not thought about the price to get home!
  • I spent 5 weeks on the road with a small overnight bag.
  • I slept on the bus and fit my stops to match sunrise.
  • My first stop was Chicago and the famous Art Institute.
  • I went on to see a calf born on a dairy farm.
  • I saw the Colorado Capitol with the cleaning crew before it was open.
  • I swam in the Salt Lake.
  • I rode San Francisco cable cars.
  • I took a local bus to join a friend at her college. The dorm did not see there was a new coed even for meals!


Fast forward to the 21st-century.

  • I have seen all 50 states and 66 countries. Why do I go solo? Friends have work with different time off.  I like to go to strange places.
  • I thought about the true costs of NOT traveling solo.  Here are some of the ways.


10 Tips to Consider High Costs of NOT Traveling Solo: Lifestyle Clashes:


Tip One:  What style do you want? Would you glamp or just camp?

  • First, can you plan on one type of lodging? Beyond the plane, this is the big cost of a trip.  If it is a once a year trip, do you want to splurge?


Tip Two:

How do you pack? Do you take a trunk for a beach trip?

  • When you get there, do you grab your carry-on and go? Do you wait for 300 bags to arrive from the plane?


Tip Three:

A “marriage” not made in heaven!

  • You dream of sounds of waves. You face snores from the next “bunk”.
  • You plan to see the sunrise, Your friend wants to pub crawl.


10 Tips to Consider High Costs of NOT Traveling Solo: Finances:

Tip Four:

What if your friend has to cancel?

  • One thoughts: What about a joint room? The good news? Many hotels do not charge fees if you cancel.
  • Does the trip cost too much for you to go solo?
  • Travel insurance can help. Read the fine print. What do they cover? What part of a loss do they pay? It may not be 100%.

Tip Five:

Your card or mine? Be sure you travel buddy has a card that works. I once found I had to pay all bills. Why? My travel mate did not warn the bank of their trip. It was OK after 2 days or so. Try to fix this upfront.


Tip Six:

The bill arrives at dinner. You “split” it. Your share is more each time. I once was stuck for a 33% tip for my friend’s drinks.

  • One way to deal with this is to pay cash.
  • Once the cards are split you are stuck.
  • If that fails, be sure to eat a 5 course meal!

Tip  Seven:

“I’ll pay you back”.  That is like “let’s do lunch”. A nice thought but may not happen. It is hard to dun friends.

  • The best way is to talk about this when you plan the trip.
  • In any case, make sure to split the charge when you pick up a car or have a new charge.

Tip Eight:

Pull up the welcome mat?  The more the merrier is great, On one trip, my coworker had a guest at dinner. I got stuck with a $100 charge.

10 Tips to Consider High Costs of NOT Traveling Solo: Whose in Charge?

Tip Nine:

On call or on a break? You want to kick back and relax. You find you must drive, make plans and be the team leader.

  • The best way to avoid this? Plan ahead who will do what. Don’t get stuck being “in charge” 24/7.

Tip Ten:

One place/two different trips? When you get there,  you want to see historic sites. Your buddy wants to prowl boutiques.

  • This can still work if you are each able to take a time-out and meet-up later. Don’t just assume this is the case. It may not be everyone’s idea of a “joint vacation”.

The bottom line?

  • Can your friendship take the stress of a trip abroad? Jet lag, new places, lost bags and missed flights can cause a meltdown. If you go it solo, no one will know you had an adult temper tantrum.
  • Worst yet? When your card bills come, will you find the “split” costs are all on your card?
  • Even well-paid solos must think about costs. However, before you decide on a joint trip, be sure you don’t lose a friend or a dream trip doesn’t become a nightmare!

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