10 Hidden Gems in Las Vegas That You Should Visit

10 Hidden Gems in Las Vegas That You Should Visit

10 Hidden Gems in Las Vegas That You Should Visit

Vegas. The place where dreams come true. Anything can happen in Vegas, but as we all know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. When thinking of Sin City, one’s first instinctual thought goes to winning the jackpot and walking away as a new person when exiting the strip. While this might be the dream a lot of people go to Vegas for, there are many ways to have fun in Las Vegas. 

Top Golfing 

There are only so many slot machines one can max out before the stale cigarette air becomes too much to handle. When this does happen, the MGM Grand has the place for you. TopGolf is a 4-level entertainment and sporting complex. If you enjoy swinging some clubs or dipping in pools, this might be the perfect fresh contrast for your trip. 

Art in the Desert 

Many people spend all their time exploring what there is to offer on the strip, and who can blame them? But if you are looking for a more memorable experience, there is a 20-minute drive standing between you and exploring Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains. These beautiful sculptures look even more majestic up close. 

Where locals get in shape. 

Have you been to one-too-many buffets and are now looking for a fun way to burn off the extra love you put on? The Ride might just be the place for you. Re-envisioning how indoor spinning was meant to be enjoyed, “The Ride” has top-of-the-range bikes with a killer sound system and light show to go along with them. Cycling has never been this much fun!  

Art galleries that are larger than life 

When you are not trying your luck at the tables, it might be a good opportunity to refuel your creativity by visiting the local art galleries such as the “Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art” where not only can you witness excellence but also learn a new technique or two to incorporate in your own artworks.  

Cake as art. 

Certain things are usually only witnessed online and when you go to Vegas. Master cake artist Flora Aghababyan can turn anything into a sugary masterpiece. Give her five days’ notice and she can recreate the most elaborate design using your favorite birthday treat.  

Healthy Living 

Most people don’t go to Vegas for a new self-care routine. The best way to rehydrate from the fast pace of life in Vegas is to book a relaxing experience at the Imperial Spa. This revitalizing safe haven is open 24 hours a day, so you can check-in when you most need it.  

The Zombie Apocalypse (store) 

Whether you believe the zombies are coming or not, you will likely be entertained by the quirky nature of this store. They have everything from survival gear to your own zombie apocalypse experience, where they take you around the back, and you can fight off zombies that won’t touch you but will simply try to eat your brain.  

The Pinball Hall of Fame 

As the website states, there is pinball, nothing but pinball for 10,000 square feet. This makes it a cheap and alternative experience for the whole family to enjoy. Why spend money on slot machines when you can experience pinball machines ranging from the 1950’s all the way through to the late 1990s?

While the newer machines might set you back 50 cents, the classic games are only 25 cents! You can rest assured knowing that all the profits collected by this pinball wonderland get donated to non-domination charities.  

Hidden Pizza 

Is it the quality of this New York-style pizza that makes it the best on the strip? Or could it be the mystery that surrounds the 24-hour pizza joint? With no signage and found on the 3rd floor of the cosmopolitan. Only people in the know will be found trying out Como’s secret pizza.  

A Piece of Berlin’s Wall 

There has been a lot of pain attached to the Berlin wall. If you want your own vengeance against this time of history, a piece of this wall can be found behind the men’s urinal in one restroom at the Main Street Station Casino. Vegas is truly a unique place! 

The number of things to do in Las Vegas seems almost endless, but these are things you must experience before calling it a day, or night, well spent in Sin City. 

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